Breath of Zehir

A Moment Alone

“Oh, here you are, Codren.” Vayastra said happily, as she climbed into a small alcove of one of the mini islands of Hestavar.
“Yes, I was growing tired of the strange looks…” he replied coolly, staring off into the mix of fluffy clouds and shining islands.
“They must not be used to seeing a ghost around.” Codren only nodded. “Is that all that troubles you?” She prodded.
“Frankly, I’m disappointed.” Still staring off into the distance, his brows furrowed as his mind wondered.
She scoffed. “As am I. A ship of our own would have made it easier for us to travel around here.”
At that, Codren finally turned to her, incredulous. “What’s gotten in to you?”
Now Vayastra frowned. “What do you mean?”
“The Vay I knew would never have made such sacrifices for her own gain.”
“It was not for me! It was for us all!”
“And your sword? Your prized possession? Your soul?”
The silence that held in the air was deafening. Her heart almost stopped. “My… sword is not my soul as yours is, Codren.” She replied quietly, unconvinced of the words herself.
“Isn’t it? Why don’t you give it some thought, Vayastra. You were able to disenchant that sword without giving it a second thought. You’ve lost touch with it, your way, and your soul. Perhaps it was not such a great thing for you to take sole possession of the shadow rift blade. Perhaps I’ve failed in protecting you from its influence.”
“Codren, don’t say such things!”
“They are things you should hear and things you need to think about. I am here for you when you need me, but not before you think about what’s transpired as of late.”
With that, he faded away, leaving Vayastra stunned and hurt.



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