Breath of Zehir

Answers yet still more Questions

Power. So much raw power just flowing through me. Is this the power that I have been searching for my entire life? The power of the Elemental God that resides in the palm of my hand; the power of Haerket. I look at my four allies that I have made this trip with and I can see the looks in their eyes. The woman who I have come to respect even though we clash heads. She has experienced the pain I have felt before, losing a loved one to the horrors of that bloody war so many year ago. She too has reached for her destiny and now grasps it in her hand. Was this same feeling of power what she experienced as well that day?

To my left lies the person I have relied upon for so long now. She is the symbol of power in our group, the one we cannot live without. She has been the driving force behind our victories and she has come close to the gates of death that I must admit, I’m surprised she continues onward. Even now, as we stand in the city of her patron god, she fights at my side to free this power. I knew from the moment I read the scroll containing the story of Haerket that I would push her far against her beliefs. I never truly knew how much I was going to ask of her to get to this point. Not only has she assisted me in freeing the power of the long dead Haerket and broken the ancient seal her god had a part in making, she agreed to have a demon summoned in her version of heaven as well as having an Arch-Angel destroyed in the process just so we could access this power. I owe her more than life itself right now but my words have done enough now.

Standing in front of me, a man who never fails to amaze me with what he can do. He has done so much to help this party and we barely asked him to do it for us. He came to us at a time when we needed someone the most. Bruised and broken, he came to us looking for revenge on the creature who killed his entire people. We have done much up to this point for him to gain our trust and yet now, with the power I feel inside of me, I feel like there is more I personally can do for him. We each had a hand in killing the wretched creature that had such a profound impact on our respective lives but now, she seeks to be returned. With the power growing inside of me, I wonder if I can help him reach his destiny in time to once again strike the creature down. He is a good friend and although I did not find trust in him at first, he has gained it now. The meeting with his god was truly amazing and it showed me that faith, no matter who you worship, can bring about self-discovery.

I look to the small one standing near my friend and I find myself smiling. This young one, a poor helpless child that was trapped before chaos brought him to us, he has grown so much in such a short time. I recall when the Deck of Many things reached out into the chaos of life and plucked from it this young man. Little did I know he was going to turn out to be something far greater then I could have ever imagined. Although he seemed reserved at first, it was the trust and love that we all showed him that set us apart from the people who had taken him for prisoner. I can still recount the stories of the way his people talked down to him and his mother. The way they shunned him because he was different than the rest of them and to me, this was disgusting. This young man has shown that his worth far exceeds the lies and slander his people spoke to him and I am glad that he was here to face this threat with us.

I look to the body of the creature that held this power inside of it and I simply weep. This magnificent Storm Giant stood here for millennia as a seal for the power of Haerket and used his whip to summon forth a mighty storm to keep others away. The putrid green acid shackles that are attached to his ankles are still melting away at his body. A deep sense of sorrow fills my heart for having to slay this creature just so I could obtain this power. Was it truly worth killing him for it?

Of course it was

What was that? Whose voice was that?



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