Breath of Zehir

Breathless: Party Recap

Our heroes and their epic destinies.

In Breath of Zehir acts I and II, the green dragon Ghuladonkaranamis completed her foul ritual and became a vampire in the service of the god of darkness and poisons, Zehir. Gathering powerful armaments, harsh experiences, and unlikely allies, the adventuring group calling themselves the EDGE tracked the monster to her lair in the Shadowfell. In an epic battle, the party prevailed and slew Ghuladon, leaving only her dessicated heart as a powerful cursed artifact.

Ghuladon’s Blackened Heart did not remain with the party for long, however. In disguise, the demilich Lady Osterneth deceived the party into surrendering the artifact to her. With a smile and wink she vanished to parts unknown, leaving the party to dismantle Ghuladon’s empire and rebuild after her rampage.

The Eladrin huntress Vayastra finally finds a way to release her lost love, Codren, from the dark clutches of the shadowrift blade his soul was imprisoned within. Driving the blade into the defeated pit fiend Davy Jones, the blade relinquishes the fey and claims the devil’s instead. Codren, as a disembodied ghost, pledges to follow Vayastra wherever she may roam, and becomes the first of the band of nomads to follow her footsteps: the Vistani. Vayastra claims her epic destiny of Dark Wanderer, to walk the planes as a mythical figure for eternity.

Eladrin sorcerer Berrian discovers the true source of his arcane power: he is a vessel for the reincarnation of the dead primordial Heur-Ket, Prince of Storms. In a bold act of defiance, the EDGE travels to the heavenly city of Hestavar, seat of the gods of light, knowledge, and civilization, with intent to release their most powerful enemy. Evading Zehir’s assassins and angelic guardians, Berrian consumes the primordial’s vestige and achieves his epic destiny: Storm Sovereign. Fated to become an enemy of the gods and consumed by the power surging through him, Berrian is forced to choose his end: unlimited power, or self-annihilation.

Negotiating a truce between the blue dragon Balnarritorrimar and the black dragon Syzzlaxinathas, the party finds themselves on a mission to assassinate Ghuladon’s black dragon exarch: Gulgolossote. Venturing through the Feywild swamps of the distant Fenreach, braving the traps of her sunken lair, and navigating the seemingly endless rivers of acid, they confront the morbidly obese creature in her fetid dungeon. Despite most of the party being devoured by the beast, the EDGE prevails and claims her head. Syzzlaxinathas is indifferent to his aunt’s beheading, and forgives Balnar, infuriating him even further.

Half-orc rogue Ko’Gash is summoned to the Seven Heavens of Celestia, before Kord Himself. The god is pleased with Ko’Gash’s service and has decided to grant his wish for a homeland, should he prove himself worthy. The fallen deva-turned-rakshasa Ravana has despoiled Kord’s blessing and revels in battle for its own sake; Ko’Gash and his party travels to Chernoggar, the plane of endless battle, to redeem the fallen warrior. By his very nature, Ravana cannot be defeated in combat; through his own wisdom and those of his allies, both Ko’Gash and Ravana learn the differences between serving the gods of strength, war, and slaughter. Returning to Celestia, Ko’Gash is rewarded the epic destiny of Planeshaper, and a demiplane of his own to call home and make as he sees fit.

Kord also has a gift for the human barbarian clones Luxe, Zanne, and Skye, a single soul sundered by the Illithid Elder Brain of Diamond Peak. Ravana’s soul joins them as the trio receives the gift of a past life as a deva, and the epic destiny of Incarnate Champion. In time they will be joined by a third soul of their choosing, becoming a unique union of three shared souls through three bodies.

Whilst on the eternal battlefields of Chernoggar, the young half-orc warlord “Sponge” better known to the party as Tobias Junior is captured by the forces of Bane, god of war. In exchange for freedom Bane’s aspect, the Dictator, compels him to renounce his faith in Gruumsh, god of slaughter. Upon their return to the mortal world, Toby is unexpectedly reunited with his uncle Wertha, Orc Chieftan of the Thar. To the astonishment of the orcs, Toby handily defeats his uncle in a bid for chieftain, achieving his own epic destiny as Legendary Sovereign of the clans. Toby now faces his own crisis as the divine brand of Bane compels him to lead his own people against their very nature.

Next week: the villains, and their plotting behind the scenes.



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