Professor Plum

Nomad, entropist, alchemist, and amateur necromancer.


An ancient purple gnome, Plum set up shop in Mogg to sell minor magical goods and alchemical items. He is known to keep a skeletal guard dog named Faydwer, and takes an active role in the town’s defense, magically repairing fortifications after every attack.

Having assisted our heroes in repelling waves of skeletons and zombies, investigation revealed a secret tunnel leading from Plum’s locked basement to the staging area of the undead attacks. A botched investigation led to Bardryn being expelled from the town, and the party never had the opportunity to confront Plum with their suspicions. Sheriff Roger, however, is a staunch defender of Plum’s, quoting his tremendous service in the defense of the village.

Plum came to Mogg drawn by the rumors surrounding the haunted Martyr’s Mount. Negotiating a deal with Ghuladon, he has assisted in both raising the undead armies and destroying them, maintaining the siege enough for it to be self-perpetuating. Plum gets to play both sides of the conflict, reaping rewards from both Ghuladon and the town defense. After the arrival of our party he feels that the conflict is starting to get out of control.

With the demise of Souldrinker, he’s been forced to adapt the disguise of a kobold named Russet and keep the local Quabbles in line. Thoroughly miserable at having been denied his all-important freedom, Plum learned of Ghuladon’s expulsion from the Mount and took the opportunity to flee. He’s set up shop in the Hell’s Gate Inn just outside Orspring, and is making a profit forging identity passes there, with his apprentice Meepo.
Appearing to guide the leaderless reptiles of the Martyr’s Mount, Russet appears disdainful of his duties and cares little for either the quabbles or the players. He has, however, apparently taken an interest in Meepo and sees a bright future for this little creature.

After the death of Souldrinker and the purging of his tribe, Ghuladon sent a note to Professor Plum demanding that he take charge of the remaining quabbles and kruthiks living on the mount. Plum is, of course, deeply distrustful of the creatures. He hates his new position and wants to leave Mogg for good, but is wary of Ghuladon’s retribution.

Utilizing his Hat of Disguise to appear as a kobold, Plum has attempted to organize the quabbles and clean up the mess left by the purge of the lizardfolk. The bodies were stripped of valuables and left on the kruthik nests to be stripped of their flesh. (Ghuladon had no scruples about being surrounded by the rotting undead, but Plum is far more fastidious and sticks to skeletons only.)

After the players revealed that Ghuladon is gone, Russet let out a sigh of relief, appointed Meepo the new clan chief, and headed back to Mogg through his secret tunnel (abandoning his disguise en route.) Members of the town can swear that they never saw him leave through the gates. Plum packed his bags and is now out of town, gone west to Orspring.

Professor Plum

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