Rhogan Barefoot

Last abbot of Kord, driven insane by Ghuladon.


Rhogan was driven mad by the insubstantial Ghuladon, the poisonous green mist haunting his quarters each night and twisting his thoughts. After many of the Kordite monks were struck with similar madness and sickness, Ghuladon’s lizardfolk raided the pilgrims and besieged the Martyr’s Mount. A new order of healers blessed by Pelor came to the mountain and, repelling the reptiles, converted the monastery into an asylum and sanatorium.

Helios the Gold cared for Rhogan personally in his last days, learning of the curse that struck him and of the connection with Ghuladon. Sadly, the curse could not be lifted, and Rhogan died insane and alone as Ghuladon’s new army, bolstered by the undead, conquered the mountain.


Rhogan Barefoot

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