Blackscale Souldrinker

Chieftan of the Mount's lizardfolk tribe.


This towering reptile is packed solid with muscle and wrapped in oily black scales. His breath stinks of carrion, and he wields an enormous two-handed maul looted from an old enemy. He speaks only broken Draconic, and relies on Meepo to translate into Common.


Souldrinker was chieftain of the Greenscale lizardfolk tribes in the swamps around Mogg, when a green mist appeared from the bog and spoke with the authority of the god of poisons, Zehir. She incited the lizardfolk and their enslaved kobolds to attack the Martyr’s Mount. The green mist poisoned the bodies and minds of the Pelor monks, and the lizardfolk dealt the final blow. The citadel above became haunted by the undead corpses of the monks while Souldrinker took over the pilgrim’s village below.

Blackscale and his tribe allowed the Dragonborn Brothers of Bahamut to pass through the village to meet their doom in the cathedral above, where the insubstantial Ghuladon sacrificed them to empower her own vampiric form. When the EDGE approached the mountain, they gained the grudging respect of the lizardfolk chieftain and their short-lived alliance proved fatal to him. Ghuladon executed Souldrinker as an example to all who would betray her, and mounted his head on a pike outside the party’s resting place.

Years later, when the EDGE returned to the Martyr’s Mount to defeat Davy Jones, they found his head speaking blasphemies and curses in praise of Zehir. With a single blow of her shield, Gabriella flung the cursed skull into a garbage pit where it could corrupt no more.

Blackscale Souldrinker

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