Groundskeeper for the Mount, Marty's stood in the same place for centuries.


No cleric or priest would know anything about St. Martin… which is because the chapel was originally dedicated to Moradin, and the name was corrupted after the 1138 fire. The statue here, supposedly of St. Martin, is actually a Galeb Duhr in disguise. This poor creature once served with the giants three hundred years ago, and disguised itself to survive the undead hordes. In the mean time it has melded with the stone beneath it, and so cannot move. Having forgotten its original name long ago (if it even had one) it is known only by the nickname ‘Marty.’

Marty has been glad for the company and allow them to rest in his domain. After an introduction by Bardryn, Marty told of the battles fought long ago in the Giant Crusade. The Galeb Duhr fought alongside the Stone Giants in the Battle of Emerald Peak, the last battle of the campaign, and defeated Ghuladonkaranamis. It was long ago and his memory is hazy but he definitely remembers her being a green dragon, and them dumping the corpse in the Vulcan Boneyard. Other battles include the Azer and Fire Giants in the battle for Ruby Peak, the Ice Trolls and Frost Giants in the battle for Diamond Peak, the Ettins and Hill Giants in the battle for Onyx Peak, and the Ogres and Storm Giants that took Sapphire Peak.

After the battles, the Titans took up residence as the kings of the mountains, and the rest of the crusaders were free to go. Some remained on the mountains, while others traveled back through the Portal in the subterranean church back to their homes. Marty remained on the Mount as a groundskeeper of sorts; his elemental nature allowed him to commune with the stone itself and assist in the rebuilding and renovations. Over time it became more and more difficult for him to extract himself, and eventually Marty simply remained where he was. After the Mount was abandoned he disguised himself as a statue and allowed the Pelorites, lizardfolk, and undead to simply pass him by undisturbed. Since allying with the party he’s told them all he knows and is happy to see the mount passing back into Kord’s hands.


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