• Barbarian
  • Warlock (Multiclass)


  • 6091 

 Ability Scores

  • STR – 18
  • CON – 16
  • DEX – 15
  • INT – 9
  • WIS – 14
  • CHA – 15


  • AC – 22
  • FORT – 18
  • REF – 15
  • WILL – 14

Resistances and saving throw mods

  • 5 racial bonus vs poison
  • Resist 5 necrotic

Hit Points and Healing Surges

  • Max HP – 54
  • Bloodied – 27
  • Surge Value – 13
  • Surges/Day – 11


  • 3 Acrobatics
  • 1 Arcana
  • 5 Athletics
  • 4 Bluff
  • 4 Diplomacy
  • 6 Dungeoneering
  • 11 Endurance
  • 4  Heal
  • 1 History
  • 4 Insight
  • 12 Intimidate
  • 4 Nature
  • 9 Perception
  • 1 Religion
  • 3 Stealth
  • 4 Streetwise
  • 3 Thievery

Weapons and Armor (equiped)

  • Screaming Armor (Hide +2)
  • Boots of Spider Climbing
  • Skull Mask
  • 1 Silver Executioners Axe Brutal

Items and Gold

  • Greataxe
  • Leather Armor
  • Adventurers kit
  • Lantern
  • 2 weeks rations
  • 3 Longswords
  • 2 Suits of Chainmail
  • Heavy Shield
  • 1 Jade
  • 2 Potions of Healing
  • Platemail
  • +1 Black Iron Scale Armor
  • 12 Onyx Gems (Worth 20 GP each)
  • Stout Iron Key (Dungeons key mount)
  • 447 GP


  • Dwarven Weapon Training
  • Improved Initiative
  • Pact Initiate (Multiclass Warlock)


  • Howling Strike
  • Pressing Strike
  • Great Cleave
  • Daring Charge
  • Roar of Triumph
  • Combat Sprint
  • Dire Radiance
  • Rage Drakes Frenzy
  • Silver Phoenix Rage


     Bardryn Lutgehr was born in the Galena mountains near the town Glister. Bardryn's mother was killed in a raid on the dwarf stronghold when the Burning Daggers Orc clan attacked. His father was to be sent out to retailiate on the Orcs and put Bardryn into the care of his uncle Brottor Lutgehr, a great fighter who remained as the body guard to Rurik the clan leader. The dwarven response to the raid suffered heavy losses, including Bardryns father, but it was still able to push the Burning Daggers clan to the far south in the Thar moors. When Brottor learned of his death, he  raised Bardryn as his own, and taught him of the clans history and of battles past. Bardryn was taught the ways of battle and became a fighter like Brottor.

     When Bardryn turned thirty he joined the clan militia and went to battle against the Orcs, and Ogres of the area to defend his clan and prove his worth in battle. By the time he was thirty five he felt that he had enought experience to raid the Burning Daggers clan that had killed his father. He demanded that Rurik send him out with the militia to raid their lair and get revenge.Rurik told Bardryn that the battle was won and that the Burning Daggers clan had been pushed to the far south in the Thar moors, a long way from the stronghold of the clan, and that the revenge had been taken. Rurik said that he wouldn't risk the men to fight a battle that was so far away, causing a new war to be waged and more Lutgehr clan lost, just so that Bardryn could have revenge for an act that took place thirty years ago.

     Bardryn was unconvinced, and told the Rurik that it was for the good of the clan to eliminate all possible threats and that he was sure of victory. When the Rurik refused for a second time Bardryn felt a rage surge through him that he never felt before, he lost control of his temper and challenged Rurik for leadership. Bardryn told Rurik that he would be able to bring more glory to the clan than Rurik could possibly hope to achieve. Brottor, reacting quiclky interfered with Bardryns rage and restrained him. Bardryn in his rage struck his uncle Brottor in order to be released from his grasp. Rurik, angry that Bardryn should disrespect him and his elders, striped Bardryn of the Lutgehr name and banished him from the clan. He told Bardryn that he would not be admitted back into the clan for any reason.

     Bardryn packed what little he had and traveled south towards the town of Glister where he made a deal with an undermaned merchant caravan that he would help defend it on its way to Erathis Watch if it gave him free passage. On his way he battled the Orcs and lizardfolk who would attempt to stop the caravan and request a "fee" for traveling down "their" roads. When the caravan finaly reached its desitination Bardryn bid farewell and worked his way into the center of Erathis Watch in search of any mercenary work to be done. Bardryn was fortunate that there was a posting on the wall near the local tavern requesting any and all adventures to help in the aid of a town called Mogg. Bardryn immedialty signed up and headed west.

     During his travels, Bardryn found a pamphlet of the teachings of Kord. Bardryn agreed with the ways of Kord so he converted. Kord granted Bardryn the ability to channel a small measure of power from his dominion to better combat the undead.

 Upon completing his quest, Bardryn returned to Erathis Watch and was Deputized by Simeon Watch, temperary leader of Erathis Watch while the brothers were away. With the brothers dead or incapacitated Simeon needed trustworthy people to assist him in running the many aspects of the city.



Chosen Paragon Path: Frenzied Berserker

As deputy, Bardryn wants to take over the responsibilites of Ian the Brave and help take care of troubles outside of the city.

Week 1:

Bardryn requests that the troops train for future assignments.



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