Ability Scores

  • STR – 12
  • CON – 10
  • DEX – 20
  • INT – 12
  • WIS – 10
  • CHA – 18


  • AC – 25
  • FORT – 18
  • REF – 24
  • WILL – 22

Hit Points and Healing Surges

  • Max HP – 67
  • Bloodied – 33
  • Surge Value – 16
  • Surges/Day – 6

Weapons and Armor

  • Chaos Shuriken +2
  • Tooth of Chaos +2
  • Duelist’s Dagger +2
  • Survivor’s Armor +3
  • Skull Bracers
  • Cape of the Montebank +2


  • Backstabber
  • Distant Advantage
  • Alchemy
  • Improved Initiative
  • Weapon Focus (Light Blade)
  • Nimble Blade

Physical Description

Very much like his picture above, Aranis has a very half lidded and tired look about him. He is 5’10” with almost platinum blond porn star hair. His skin contrasts against it with a very bronze glow to it. His skin is very damaged in some places, however. Scars adorn most of his body from previous encounters over an almost 100 year life span. He weighs 165 pounds, most of which is lean muscle which fits well against his long, skinny armor. His is 121 years old which makes him very young looking as far as Eladrin go.


Aranis was born as many Eladrin are. From a less than respectable father and a noble mother. It turns out that his father, Korthus, had greatly admired his mother, Facilia, since they first met. Their love was greatly contested. Many other better suited Eladrin had their eyes on Facilia and since he was not of noble blood, Korthus was forbidden to marry her. However, Korthus was not without talent. He had caught her eye on many occasions with displays of strength and ability against the other hostile prospectors. This earned him the opportunity to sneak her away from her large estate one night and flee to the nearby cities. They were hunted but somehow, Korthus was always one step ahead. They finally settled on the outskirts of the kingdom and had two children, Aranis and Tybius.

Their childhood was filled with all the love that two parents could provide. They never had need of anything. Food was always on the table and fire in their fireplace. But Aranis was not like his mild mannered brother. He yearned for more. Aranis quickly developed a severe case of kleptomania as he could not help but steal everything in sight, believing it was all rightfully his. However, he was never any good at it as he was often caught. He also saw the world a giant playground, often climbing up all matters of buildings and obstacles. He would return home everyday with his share of cuts and bruises, his brother with nothing so much as a smudge. For this, Tybius gained the favor of their mother and Aranis of their father who wanted his boy to be a soldier like him. Despite their differing lifestyles, Tybius and Aranis always had fun together. Aranis realized that his brother was meant for great things as well but something that did not involve combat. For this reason, Aranis protected his brother at every turn. Whenever there was a bully, Aranis was there to rescue him. They shared a brotherly bond that no rivalry could ever come into conflict with. They knew where they stood in the world and that they had their own prowess.

When the time came, so did the obvious split. Aranis joined the military and Tybius headed off to a prestigious university for politics. In the military Aranis’ talents as an infiltrator were noticed and allowed him to begin training as a spy and assasin. He found that killing the person allowed you to steal all you wanted from them without the reprocussions he found as a child. He often pickpocketed the targets he was sent to dispose of and gained the recognition of his commanding officer, Balk. As it turns out, Balk was a distinguished member of the Assasin’s guild. He took Aranis under his wing and taught him all the things that the military was too strict about such as poisons and advanced techniques concerning assasinations. When Aranis proved himself, Balk gave him a unit of his own men. Aranis had trouble commanding others at first as he believed assasins worked much better on their own, but he soon found that as a general benefit it was better to have someone else do the job for you and bring you back the spoils without ever having been there yourself. He was known for his incredibly speedy results, ensuring success in many battles that would have otherwise failed. When he was finally released from the military, he was given a hefty salary as reward for his work. Balk also gave him a recommendation to join the Assasin’s Guild. Finding no other opportunity that suited his work, Aranis took the offer.

When Aranis came to the new city, he found that many of his collegues were not as accomodating as Balk. They often shunned him and sent him on petty shake down missions. He gained a few followers amongst the other recruits and realized that the management needed new “direciton”. The guild itself had become disconnected. All of the assasins were out for their own and disputes were always settled by the tip of a blade. Aranis took advantage of this squabbling and turned most of the veteran memebers against each other. Aranis finally saw himself in command with all but the more tame, older members gone. He rebuilt the guild, bringing in new talent, extensively training them with techniques that Balk had passed to him. The rule that kept the members from ever acting up like their predecessors was that if anyone was ever caught fighting, both accusers were put to death. No exceptions. With their cooperation, the guild saw a huge rise in power and wealth. Petty crimes were looked down upon and instead, the guild sought out legal means of accruing wealth. Aranis himself collected information about the city’s officials seeing blackmail as one of the most facinating aspects of his new career.

One year, on a national holiday, Aranis sought the opportunity to return home and spread some of his amassed wealth with his poorly parents. They accepted him home with open arms but did not take his money. As it turned out, his father and mother had come into some money as their parents had passed away which allowed them a better life quality. Despite having run away at such a young age, their parents still recognized the power of their love and did not remove them from their wills. Aranis was happy to see them after so long and told them of his new life, leaving out everything about his current work to his parents but sharing everything with his brother who seemed excited at his thrilling adventures. Aranis was surprised to find his brother in the same situation as he had been, however. After going to school, Tybius had met much resistance by the other politicians in his city. They were all powerful and wealthy children that came from noble families, all assured the jobs that he would have been much better for. Tybius found himself returning home and simply becoming town mayor. Aranis felt pity for his brother and realized this was another time he needed to step in and become his protector.

Aranis proposed that his brother should return with him to his city and join him at the top of the social order. Tybius was slieghtly resistant but felt more and more reassured the more Aranis told him how powerful they would be. He agreed and they soon departed.

Upon returing to the city, Aranis showed his brother all the inner workings of their politics, seeing as it was just as corrupt as the guild had been. Tybius was just as anxious as Aranis about cleaning the city up and creating a new order that benefited even the poorest of citizens. Pulling almost all of his strings and extinguishing all of his resources, Aranis put Tybius in charge of the cities workings. In exchange, the assasins were recognized as royalty and the whole guild was afforded freedoms they could have never dreamed of. Despite common critique, the city flourished. Citizens were wealthier and better off. Everything was clean and perfect. But it would not go unnoticed.

The citie’s success caught the attention of the emperor and Tybius was quickly removed from office as the emperor’s own relatives were given the position. An immediate decline was recognized and most of the work that Tybius and Aranis had done was reduced to nothing. The brothers found themselves against a wall and did what most tigers of their tenacity would do, they fought back. Aranis ordered his cohorts to eliminate all of the emperor’s instated officials and Tybius was returned to his position. The emperor was furious. He sent his armies to siege the city and remove the brothers. The city quickly fell as it was more econimical than militaristic. Tybius was sentenced to public execution along with his brother. Aranis was much more cunning than his pursuers and evaded capture. Attempting to save his brother from the same fate, he found that Tybius was not as well prepared. He was captured and put to death in front of Aranis’ very eyes. Aranis snapped.

There was now nothing to do but destroy those responsible. Aranis resigned his guild membership, taking it upon himself to do all the work. He saved his money and information, finding himself using up almost every last dime to put all the officials into ideal positions to kill. And when the time came, he did. Inviting them all to a dinner at his estate, Aranis poisoned everyone’s food, including the servants. He then burned down his house and fled. He returned to his former home only to find that upon his brother’s execution, his parents were also put to death. Aranis could not take it anymore. He left the land of his Eladrin bretheren, vowing to never return unless he had the ability to kill the emperor himself. Upon his travels, Aranis took up the religion of Zehir, believing that it was one of the mystical elements that could aid him in eliminating his most hated enemy. He knew nothing of the religion other than that other guild members often prayed to him before eliminating a target, all of which were successful.

Aranis finally came to the town of Erathis Watch where he believed was out of the eye of the Eladrin empire. He had also heard that the area was surronded by Tiamat’s teeth which had been known for their immense draconic power and dieties. He never came across any of this famed power but he believed that his actions in the town could find him amongst other adventurers whom he could hire for his personal endeavor. He found the perfect opportunity in the assembling of a group to discover the fate of the city’s protectors, the Brothers of Bahamut. It was all just a matter of time and trials.


Breath of Zehir Matyer