Ability Scores

  • STR – 16
  • CON – 18
  • DEX – 20
  • INT – 17
  • WIS – 12
  • CHA – 23


  • AC – 32
  • FORT – 34
  • REF – 31
  • WILL – 37

Hit Points and Healing Surges

  • Max HP – 140
  • Bloodied – 70
  • Surge Value – 35
  • Surges/Day – 10

Weapons and Armor

  • Tanathriel Staff +5 with Blue Dragon Shard
  • Gloves of the Wandering Star
  • Ring of X-Ray Vision
  • Cloak of the Phoenix +4
  • Shimmering Mindweave Armor +4
  • Phoenix Sash
  • Skygliders
  • Bracers of Mental Might
  • Headband of Intellect (heroic tier)

Physical Description

Berrian is one of the noble family of the Eladrin people of the forests. Standing at 5’8", there are makrings on both his right cheek and his neck with the one on his cheek being a symbol of his god Corellon. With eyes the color of jade and hair a shade of pale gold, Berrian skin has taken on a surprising tone that most Eladrin do not possess. Though it is a light tone of brown, Berrian’s skin tone is still different then those of his people. On his right hand can be seen a symbol of the noble house he hails from and on his left hand is an ancient arcane mark which even Berrian has yet to understand its purpose.


Berrian was not raised to take up the mantel of a Wild Magic Sorcerer but certain events changed his destiny and brought him to his current position. Berrian was born to his mother, Jelenneth, and his noble born father, Mindartis. Raised in the great fey city of Astrazalian, Berrian was taught many things by his parents but the first they told him was that he was special. Being born of noble blood would entitle him to many opportunities in his lifetime that other Eladrin could only dream of. However, due to his interaction with other Eladrin children who were not nobles, Berrian could not understand why he had to be considered so special when the people around him were not treated well.

From a young age, Berrian would sneak out of his noble home, especially while his parents were away for the Court of the Stars were the Summer Fey and Green Fey gathered with other creatures of the fey wild to argue with each other and eat until they were too full to move. Berrian almost always detested these times of gathering simply because he did not understand their importance when there were people in the world who were suffering. However, like a good child, Berrian never questioned the will of his parents when it came to noble matters and gatherings of which he could attend with them.

Having a friend growing up named Erevan, Berrian would find himself exploring the great city with his friend for hours a day. No matter what was happening, it always seemed like they discovered something new no matter if it was a place they had seen before. Whether it was going down to the docks to see the swan pulled boats coming into the city or even just running around old man Aramath’s armor shop, Erevan always seemed to be at the Berrian through thick and thin. The unfortunate turn of events which lead Berrian’s destiny to sway would take the life of this very friend and turn Berrian’s world upside down.

Every summer, as if it were clockwork, many mortals would find their way into the City of Starlight, and on one of these trips, Berrian and Erevan were at Aramath’s shop looking around for their first swords and weapons. As the two friends played with different swords, a mortal man and his young daughter came in and both looked as though they worked in their own armor/sword shop due to all the grease on them. Berrian nudged Erevan and pointed to the little mortal girl who stood next to her father and they laughed a little to themselves. Overhearing their laughter, the little girl walked up to both of them and stepped on both of their feet. Berrian, completely shocked at what happened, shot a glance at Aramath. The last thing Berrian wanted was for Aramath to mention he was a noble, and also, a little girl just hit them in their feet so it wasn’t an act of war or anything. Needless to say, Berrian and Erevan did not bother the little girl or her father for the rest of their visit to the shop.

Sometime later, after many summers of the visits from the girl and her father, Berrian and Erevan grew up to be young men who were reaching the age in their Eladrin lives where they start to slow in the aging process. Just as the years had changed the two young men, on one very beautiful summer day, a beautiful young woman walked through the doors of the Armor shop and both Berrian and Erevan could not believe who they were looking at. The young girl, who so long ago marched over their toes, was now a beautiful mortal woman whom they could almost not recognize. Her appearance at this point was different since she seemed better dressed and cleaned up. It seemed she was on a mission for her father since he had fallen ill so she was running the shop all her own. Saddened to hear this, Berrian approached the girl to speak with her but was turned away.

It had seemed she knew who he was after speaking with others about the young noble and she refused to allow for any of his help. However, what they both did not expect was for there to be an attack on the city the day of her visit. The Fomorians had brought together their greatest warriors and launched an attack on the city. Berrian and Erevan had spoken with the girl before over the number of years and it seemed her father had not only taught her how to create works of art but to also wield them. Knowing she may still possess those skills, Berrian grabbed an extra long sword off the wall and tossed it to the girl. A rather strange motley crew of warriors, Berrian and his new companions set to fight against the Fomorians. Erevan and the girl’s reasons were their own but Berrian wanted to prove that even though he was of noble birth, he held his own when it came to matter such as this.

Fighting their way through rather weak minions, Berrian and his companions found that many of them were attacking the magic university with almost all of their might. It made sense to go after those who were strongest first because once they were out of the way, everyone else would be easy to pick off. Not allowing the Fomorians to get off that easily, Berrian and his pack fought through many of the enemies near the front of the university and proceeded into the building. Upon crossing the threshold of the building, something within Berrian resonated and he could feel some sort of power inside of him which he had never felt before. Looking and questioning his companions, it had seemed they did not feel anything so Berrian ignored the growing power within him. Fighting and obtaining injuries themselves, Berrian and his band of warriors, having picked up a few almost dead wizards along the way, finally reached the main room where one man was fighting for his life for against a horde of Fomorians. The man was like a single spot of power in a sea of purple and grey skinned men attacking everything around him. Many Eladrin wizards had met their end to this horde of villains and Berrian was not about to allow their deaths to be in vain.

Holding his sword to the sky, Berrian charged into the fray and fought his way to the single man who looked like he was about to reach his end from exhaustion. The two wizards who Berrian had picked up on the way in called him a wizard of the Spiral tower and spoke of how he looked as though he was going to fail in his mission given to him by one of the pantheons of the city named Corellon. Not currently aware of the significance of this statement, Berrian simply fought his way to the man to save a fellow Eladrin from a fate worse than death. Finally reaching the man, everyone took a defensive position around the wizard as suddenly, the Fomorian group split to reveal a rather larger brute that were ready to attack. Suddenly feeling a kick to the side, Berrian was kicked back into the arms of the other two wizards as his friend suddenly was struck by one of the brutes in the same exact spot where Berrian had just been. Berrian watched in terror as Erevan was sent flying across the room and slammed into a wall full of books. He could see other Fomorians beginning to swarm his friend as if they were going to devour him. It was at this moment when the power within Berrian suddenly exploded and suddenly, he was the brightest thing in the room.

All the Fomorian enemies in the room turned to look at Berrian who suddenly rose from his place on the ground and was filled with rage. Sparks of archaic magic seemed to flow through, and around, him and suddenly he was given a new form which drew confused looks from the two wizards but drew something different from their master. Lifting his arms into the air, Berrian could feel the forming of two balls of chaotic energy in his hands and he looked upon them with confusion. The older wizard was suddenly at his side and he guided Berrian to release the energy towards the Fomorians and so Berrian did as he was instructed. Releasing the power in his hands, Berrian saw as the chaotic energy traveled from Fomorian to Fomorian and threw them back. The older wizard helped Berrian scare away those Fomorians who were not killed but the strange magic Berrian was currently possessing. The old Eladrin also helped Berrian regain control of his rage and calm the wild nature of whatever it was he was tapping into at the current moment. With the Fomorian thread diminished in the city and the City of Starlight saved, the Eladrin were given a chance to gather and honor those who died.

  • * * -——————————————

Erevan’s burial was not highly published because Berrian had made specific requests to make sure the pain of Erevan’s parents wasn’t unbearable. The young mortal girl who had helped during the battle was thanked personally by Berrian’s mother and father and she was returned safely to her human home by a squad of Eladrin Warriors. The entire city seemed to help with the rebuilding but all of that meant nothing to Berrian as he sat in the rolling fields that surround the city. Berrian could not stop his great feeling of loss but his father, surprisingly, gave him a bit of advice he would never forget for years to come. Sometimes, in our live, things happen and we can feel sad for what we have lost but what is most important, what really matters, is what we learn from the experience. Berrian, suddenly thinking with a clear mind, replayed the events of what happened that day in his mind and realized, even though is friend sacrificed his own life for that of his best friends, Erevan would not want Berrian to continue to dwell on the occasion.

For some time after, Berrian did everything he could to honor the spirit and memory of his friend by helping everyone recover from the attack when one day, he received a letter from the university of magic in the city. Making his way there, the two men whose lives he had saved greeted him at the door and lead him to the study of the older wizard. The man wasted no time in apologizing for Berrian’s loss to which Berrian simply explained it was thanks to the old man that he was even able to recover his friend from the clutches of the Fomorians. This subject, the power of which Berrian used and could feel even now, was exactly what the old man had called Berrian in for but he did not seem too excited about the subject. Telling Berrian a little about how their people preferred the arcane magic of a Wizard, the old man explained to Berrian that what he had wielded the other day was something beyond anything he had seen before.

The old man launched into an explanation of what the differences were between the Wizards of the Eladrin and what he called Sorcerers of the other Realms. Though it seemed half-elves were sometimes in possession of the more wild arcane magic, this had been the first time that a full blooded Eladrin, a noble at that, had been seen being able to wield the power. Berrian was suddenly fascinated with the subject at hand and he wanted to know more but the old man told him he would need to travel to the other side if he was truly ready to walk down this path. Berrian assured the man this was the path he wanted to choose because this was the path Erevan had given his life for Berrian to follow so he was going to learn to control the more chaotic of magic so he could use it to fight evil like the Fomorians again. He swore he would never let another person he considered a friend die due to his lack of inexperience and foolishness.

Berrian, after some preparation and convincing, left home and crossed the border between the worlds so he may seek to find those who used chaotic magic. Berrian was able to find the men and they could immediately feel the energy resonate off Berrian as he walked through the door of their sanctuary. Berrian spent the next couple of years there, learning all that he could before having a mission from the head Sorcerer in the sanctuary. They had taught Berrian all they could for now and the rest was up to him to learn from that point on. However, before his departure, Berrian had chosen to place the symbol he and Erevan had come up with on his neck where he could always be reminded of his friend.

Setting out into the new world he was discovering, Berrian looked again at the map he was given and the instruction on who he needed to find when he reached his destination. Though he had been on adventures before with his fellow Sorcerers, this was going to be his first adventure by himself. He hoped to learn much from this adventure and to possibly make connections and friends along the way. At least, that what he hoped Erevan would want him to do in this sort of situation.


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