Ability Scores:

STR- 11 CON- 17 DEX- 18 INT- 17 WIS- 22 CHA- 12


AC- 23 FORT- 19 REF- 19 WILL- 22

Hit Points and Healing Surges:

Max HP- 74 Bloodied- 37 Surge Value- 18 Surges/Day- 10

Weapons and Armor:

Point Blank Longbow +1 Counterstrike Leather Armor +2 Hungry Spirits Totem +1 Longspear


Stalker Spirit Adept Spirit Speaker Elven Precision Invigorating Spirit Vigorous Spirit

Physical Description:

Freya has valley girl bleach blonde hair with a light complexion. She has jade green eyes and she stands at 5’7”. She has an athletic build and is very light on her feet from years of growing up in the forest. She has tribal tattoos on her forearms and temples representing her family clan and her clothing are in earthly shades. She is 80 years old so she is still relatively young in Elven standards and her weight is classified information.



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