Father Meier

Highly motivated head of the church of Erathis the Creator.


Erathis’ clergy wears odd robes made from woven and braided leather strips, and the temple is exquisitely decorated with carvings and reliefs depicting great acts of cooperation. Father Meier preaches a decidedly dwarven slant on the teachings of Erathis, praising the working of metal and stone and the taking of the land, and worshipers of Moradin and Ioun also come to pray at his temple.

Meier oversees many of the civic improvements in the city, and his current pet project is building a new race of divinely animated constructs he calls ‘War-Forged’ to serve in the city’s more dangerous or menial positions, such as hazardous construction projects or front-line infantry.

Father Meier holds the teachings of ‘that tree hugger’ Sister Tang in contempt, declaring that with every natural disaster, the civilized races have built up again stronger than before. He maintains that solid engineering can withstand the assault of the climate and weather. However the conflict between the churches is merely philosophical, and the two do have significant common ground in their love and respect for life.

Father Meier

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