High Priest of Pelor, with some significant prejudices.


A retired adventurer, he is very familiar with the perils of dungeon delving and specializes in providing useful tools such as healing potions, resurrection scrolls, sunrods, and holy water. Jozan is an accomplished invoker and ritual caster and has a wealth of knowledge on matters arcane and divine. He tends to be insightful, but old-fashioned in how he interprets what he discerns.

One of his personality quirks is a paranoia and revulsion towards outsiders—extraplanar creatures such as angels, devils, demons, and elementals. Jozan draws a sharp distinction between what he calls the ‘natural planes’ (the Material Plane, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell) and the ‘outer planes’ (the Astral Plane, the Elemental Chaos, and the Far Realm.) Such places, he claims, are beyond mortal understanding, and the Deities and Primordials have forbidden their domains. Mortals ought to be content with the natural world, where they belong. Similarly, outsiders, aberrations, and the planetouched simply do not belong on the Material Plane, and ‘should be banished to their homes, away from our lands.’

His attitude has had significant influence in the city during the twenty years of his investment. Thus many of his ‘divine revelations’ have become unwritten law.


Breath of Zehir Galemp