Dragonborn Cleric Lumens is the de-facto head of the Church of Bahamut.


Precise and logical, she speaks only when spoken to, and answers in whispers. She is used to living in Brahm’s shadow and does not do much independent thinking, having always relied on Brahm to make the decisions and govern the faith.

Lumens approaches new situations by withdrawing and praying for guidance, rather than facing the situation head-on. Without Brahm’s decisiveness, she could take weeks to deliberate every nuance of a position before coming to a conclusion. She does make an excellent second-in-command, though, executing doctrine without failure and without variation, and taking Bahamut’s dogma as her sole creed.

Lumens is loyal to the Church and absolutely committed to the well-being of the city. Though she may take a long time to decide on a course of action, she will follow that course with unwavering commitment.


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