Evil god of Power, Domination, and Tyrrany.


Channel Divinity: Asmodeus’ Command

You utter a single command, invested with the very voice of your master himself.

Encounter ✦ Divine

Minor Action Close burst 1

Target: One creature in the burst

Effect: You slide the target 1 square.

At 11th level, this power becomes close burst 2. At 21st level, this power becomes close burst 3.


Asmodeus is the master of the Nine Hells and its legions of devils. He is served by tyrants and organizations that seek to impose their will on others. He can be a charismatic and generous god, but those who sign away their souls to Asmodeus are damned for all eternity. The pact each worshiper forges with the Master of the Nine Hells spells out the following:

  • Seek power over others, that you might rule with strength as the Lord of Hell does.
  • Repay evil with evil. If others are kind to you, exploit their weakness for your own gain.
  • Show neither pity nor mercy to those who are caught underfoot as you climb your way to power. The weak do not deserve compassion.


  • The archdevils of the Nine Hells: Mephistopheles, Baalzebul, Glasya, Levistus, Belial, Mammon, Dispater, and Bel.


Breath of Zehir Galemp