Chaotic Evil god of Turmoil and Destruction


Channel Divinity: Strength of Gruumsh

You channel the raw power of Gruumsh to crush your enemies.

Encounter ✦ Divine

Immediate Interrupt Close burst 5

Trigger: You or an ally within range makes a critical hit in melee.

Effect: The triggering melee attack deals +1d6 extra damage.

Increase the extra damage to +2d6 at 11th level and to +3d6 at 21st level.


Gruumsh is the unblinking god of destruction who unleashes the savage multitudes against outposts of civilization. He is worshiped by orcs and half-orcs and has come to dominate some of the other savage humanoids as well. Orcs are his fervent followers, and they bear a particular hatred for elves and eladrin because Corellon put out one of Gruumsh’s eyes. The One-Eyed God gives simple orders to his followers:

  • Gather and breed, and your numbers shall flourish.
  • Rise up in hordes and seize that which is rightfully yours.
  • Slaughter and pillage, and let no one stop you.


  • Loviatar, goddess of Pain.


Breath of Zehir Galemp