Good goddess of Trickery, the Moon, Love, and Autumn.


Channel Divinity: Sehanine’s Reversal

Sehanine’s blessing turns the powers of your enemies against them.

Encounter ✦ Divine

No Action Ranged 5

Trigger: You roll a natural 20 saving throw

Effect: Choose an enemy within range; that creature gains the condition you just saved against.


The goddess of the moon governs the ebb and flow of tides and comforts the world with her silvery glow in the black of night. She constantly battles the darkness of the shadowy Lolth and Zehir. The ranks of Sehanine’s faithful include elves, lovers, and those who seek comfort in the night. Sehanine is kind, caring, and ageless, ever waxing and waning in power. She encourages her worshipers to do the following:

  • Never lose hope or faith, for every force in the world ebbs and flows.
  • Bring light to the darkness, and hold back the tide of evil.
  • Seek out creatures who bear the curse of lycanthropy, curing those who hope to end their
    affliction and destroying those who have succumbed to the beast within.


  • Selune, goddess of the moon.
  • Sune, goddess of love.


Breath of Zehir Galemp