Gabriella Lightsworn

Gabriella stands at 5'7" and her weight is classified information. She is currently 22 years old and had bright red hair and blue eyes. Her red hair is just past her shoulders and she has a lean build but it is hard to tell with her full plate armor.


Gabriella Lightsworn is the noble daughter of Godric and Rowena Lightsworn from Erthis Watch. Along with her twin brother Gabriel they were raised by their parents in the rich quarters of the city. Gabriella and Gabriel never wanted for anything and lived a relatively normal life. Their father, Godric, was a paladin of Bahamut and favored Gabriel to follow in his footsteps as the only son of their family. Gabriella was jealous of the bond her brother had with her father. As a young female in high class society, Gabriella was expected to educate herself in sewing and other menial duties required of a future wife and domestic slave. Pressured into these studies by her mother Gabriella would sneak off before these lessons to wander the city streets.

Gabriella would wonder off through many parts of this city during all hours of the day. Rowena grew frustrated with Gabriella and soon gave up on trying to force her into submission. Godric was immersed with training Gabriel and serving the Brothers of Bahamut to concern himself with his rogue daughter. At the age of 13 Gabriella was picking pockets and hanging out with the riffraff of the slum sectors of the city. It was rare that she would ever return home for more than a day or two before she was back out on the streets with her ‘friends’. Gabriel had confronted Gabriella several times about her abhorrent behavior and swore that she was tarnishing the Lightsworn name. She simply laughed at this and continued on with her nonchalant life.

By age 15 Gabriella dealing in the black market and delving deeper into a destructive path. She returned home one night to find Rowena alone and her mother latched onto her begging her to return home. Gabriella listened with deaf ears and gathered the rest of her belongings from room with the intent to never return. Her mother was worried and lonely in the house by herself. Gabriella learned that her father rarely returned home from his paladin duties and that Gabriel and been sent away to be trained as paladin for Bahamut. Gabriella grew angered at the thought that her brother and father no longer cared for her and she stormed out into the night completely oblivious to Rowena’s pleas for her to come back.

The next day Gabriella went about her normal business pick-pocketing oblivious citizens through the city streets. Unfortunately a keen pair of eyes caught sight of her misdoings and followed her. Gabriella knocked into a large figure and reached her hand into his pockets but instead her hand was grabbed roughly. She looked up to see the captain of the guard, Tobias Young, looking down at her with disdain. He instantly began dragging her across town to her house which was surrounded with onlookers. She was instantly handed over to her father who simply grabbed her arm and hauled her to her room, simply telling her that her mother had been killed the night before. Before she could utter a word her father closed her into her bedroom and locked the door. Gabriella fell to her bed crying and remembering her mother’s tears the night before as she begged her to stay. The days following were a blur as her father began to take notice of Gabriella for the first time in years and she fell back into her life as a Lightsworn. Gabriel came back for his mothers funeral but the rift between brother and sister was still distant.

Gabriella began her lessons again to be groomed for marriage but she still snuck off once in a while. She felt drawn to the captain guard, Tobias Young, because of visits he gave her to see how she was after her mothers death. The urge to become stronger to protect herself and others was strong in her gut. The captain began teaching her to use the sword and Gabriella swore to become stronger in order to rid the world of evil like those that had killed her mother. Two years passed and Gabriella pleaded with her father to let her join the paladin guard to fulfill her desire to protect others. Her father refused and another year passed before her father was killed in battle and his sword and shield were brought home to his only child in the house. Gabriella was on her own and her desire to become a paladin became stronger after the death of her father. Refusing to join the paladins of Bahamut where Gabriel was serving she went to join the paladins of Pelor in a neighboring city.

Gabriella trained there for 3 years until she graduated as a full fledged paladin. She has been exchanging letters with Gabriel during this time and their grudges were laid to rest. Gabriel returned to Erthis Watch to protect the city when the Brothers of Bahamut disappeared after embarking on a quest. Some time passed after Gabriel had followed the Brothers to aid them in their quest and Gabriella soon received the news that he had been killed in battle. Thirsty for vengeance for her fallen brother; Gabriella donned her fathers sword and shield and set off on the path to find the fabled undead, green dragon that had killed the last member of her family.

Gabriella Lightsworn

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