Gluttinous empress of the Fenreach.


Deep in the swamps of a marshy isthmus the size of a small continent, a self-proclaimed god who calls herself the Lizard Queen demands worship from the native lizardfolk and tribute from all others.
This ponderous beast is unlike any black dragon known to adventurers or sages. Others of her kind are sinuous and slender, with low-slung bodies, but Gulgol is a massive, corpulent creature. Leathery flesh bulges between scales that never grew sufficiently to cover her astonishing bulk. It hangs in rolls from her tail, from her neck, and beneath her squinting, porcine eyes. She breathes heavily with exertion, her legs bent beneath her heavy body, and her voice is a deep rasp punctuated by sharp inhalations.

Do not mistake her corpulence and pumping breath for a sign of weakness, or assume that her inherent laziness makes her an easy target. Those who do rarely survive to appreciate the magnitude of their error.


Gulgol is a great black dragon that dwells in the depths of the Fenreach. Gulgol has dwelt in the swamp for several centuries. She eventually grew to dominance over the rest of her clutch, and rumor has it she consumed her siblings.

The swamp’s lizardfolk and other tribes consider Gulgol a god, serving her fanatically. Communities of the swamp must send her tribute or be raided by her followers, and travelers who grow lost in the Fenreach must choose whether to be enslaved or eaten, unless they are rich enough to buy their freedom. She insists on being addressed as “Queen Gulgol” or “Your Majesty.” Anything less is an insult, and those who offend Gulgol become her next meal. Gulgol’s zealous followers include a coven of bog hags—named Zunuris, Ilbotha, and Shenvush— and their servitor trolls; a tribe of savage humans and their clutch of semitrained fen hydras; and a tribe of blackscale lizardfolk whose name translates loosely as “Broken Fang Tears Violently.” Her vizier is a guardian naga named Alhashna, and her other three closest advisors are a trio of yuan-ti malison incanters who believe Gulgol to be favored by the serpent-god Zehir.

Gulgol is known as lazy and gluttonous, not only to those who have studied her but to other dragons as well. She is amazingly obese for a dragon and refuses to expend any unnecessary effort; her worshipers’ duties include delivering all her meals and comforts. She is less agile than other black dragons but is nevertheless powerful, and she can exert herself if need be.

Through centuries of practice and the study of draconic magic, the Lizard Queen has altered her innate abilities. She has acquired the power to force a measure of obedience from all around her.


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