Lady Osterneth

A beautiful, charming noblewoman educated in the arcane arts.


Lady Osterneth is a seductive, aristocratic human female in her late twenties with dark hair and bronze skin. Her look of demure gentility is emphasized by a rich wardrobe and a charming smile that melts men’s hearts. She rarely speaks of her past, but claims descent from a distant family of aristocrats in a far-off kingdom.

With the Brothers of Bahamut extinct, she has assumed control of Erathis Watch in the name of the city’s patron, the goddess of civilization. At her side are Concord, her enforcer Marut, and Master Enigma, a cleric of Ioun and her adviser. She has formed tight bonds with Viceroy Simeon Watch and Father Meier, the local cleric of Erathis and Moradin. Bamwin is also serving the court as an emissary to the fey courts.

The general consensus is that Osterneth’s project to renovate the city and turn it into a metropolis is long overdue. Some chafe at her methods; many of the city’s poor have been evicted, and their homes demolished for new civic projects, but their voices are rarely heard.

Having gained the trust of the EDGE adventuring party, Osterneth was presented with Ghuladon’s Blackened Heart, and entrusted with destruction of the artifact. With a wink and a smile, she vanished using her Ring of Retreat. A frenzied search of her quarters revealed a Secret Page hidden within a history book, revealing that Osterneth is in truth an ancient lich in the service of Vecna, god of necromancy, secrets, and forbidden lore.

Lady Osterneth

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