Ghuladon's consort and stalker of the EDGE.


Malifax usually appears as a gargantuan serpent with brilliant green scales and the legs and wings of his draconic heritage. He is also known to polymorph into the form of a troglodyte, billowing clouds of poisonous gases that envelop him like a cloak. He is extremely dangerous and will stop at nothing hunt down and destroy the EDGE… and their friends.


Malifax is an ancient green dragon blessed with serpentine qualities from Zehir. During Ghuladon’s absence he inherited the title “Breath of Zehir” and became an exarch of the god of poisons. Now he serves as Ghuladon’s consort, and an extension of her will in the mortal world.

Malifax does not command the undead like Ghuladon, nor does he have powers over Medusas and Basilisks like Zebukiel, so he relies upon the yuan-ti and snaketongue cultists of Zehir and loyal green dragons to do his bidding.


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