A fallen Deva, reincarnated as a Rakshasa, waging an eternal war.


Ravana was born a human in the mortal world. Aggressive and arrogant, he was also an exemplary scholar. Under the tutelage of the church of Kord, Ravana mastered the holy books, and also the arts and ways of the avenger. Following his initial training, Ravana performed an intense penance to the warrior god, lasting several years. During his penance, Ravana chopped off his head 10 times as a sacrifice to appease Kord. Each time he sliced his head off a new head arose, thus enabling him to continue his penance. At last, Kord himself, pleased with his endurance, appeared after his 10th decapitation and offered him a boon. Ravana asked for immortality, which Kord refused to give, but gave him the celestial boon of reincarnation, transforming him into a deva.

With no fear of death, Ravana threw himself into battle. He was zealously devoted to the war against evil in the cosmos and would lead armies against necromancers and demons. In his fury, however, he lost sight of the battle as a means to an end, and came to see it as an end in and of itself.

Eventually Ravana sought to end the threat posed by Bane, the god of conquest, and Gruumsh, the god of slaughter, and descended upon the eternal battleground of Chernoggar to bring the gods of war to their knees. In his rightous zeal, in death after meaningless death, he was corrupted by his bloodlust, and became reincarnate as a Rakshasa. Bound to the cycle of rebirth he battles still the hordes of exalted orcs and goblins in that forsaken realm.


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