Sister Tang

Frazzled, pessimistic druidess who maintains the Chapel of the Sea.


When in trance, Sister Tang is calm and tranquil, breathlessly chanting the praises of the gods’ creation and beauty of nature. When she’s awake, though, she’s very passionate about topics she feels strongly about.

Sister Tang’s fellowship recognizes Melora as the goddess of the sea and all things natural, in concert with Kord, god of storms, and Sehanine, goddess of the moon and tides. Her large chapel in the docks district receives prayers and offerings from the sailors to give their ships safe passage and good weather, and her uncanny divination abilities have earned her much respect.

She perceives Father Meier as being arrogant and has regular, pointed sermons on the importance of reverence for nature and the wilderness, and the unknowable and devastating power of the sea to punish those who would seek to dominate the natural order. Sister Tang considers Meier’s research into artificial life an abomination, as the creatures cannot reproduce by natural means. She herself would never condone any acts of violence or destruction, but she has enough radical followers that there is the possibility of a schism in the church, should it come to that extreme.


Sister Tang

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