Elder black dragon with a recent change of heart.


Syzzlaxinathas is the cousin of Hautenelash, the former monarch of Onyx Peak. When he left the lair as a young dragon he made his home in these same tunnels and lorded over the lizardfolk tribes nearby. After a particularly long conclave at the Palace of Burning Ice, Sizzler found his hoard looted and a trap set for him; an adventuring party had trapped the dragon in his own den, transforming it into the dungeon of a great castle built with the profits from his hoard. Sizzler has been fettered here for almost 500 years and the city of Orspring has grown up around him.

Sizzler has a small tribe of Kobold cultists that swim through the narrow tunnels into his lair, and bring him offerings and news of the outside world. He amuses his captors solely out of self-preservation; he is still a dangerous elder dragon, but has resigned himself to being stuck there forever. Typical for a black dragon, he prefers sentient beings for his food, and is quite cruel when it comes to toying with his next meal.

When the EDGE found him, he was languishing half-submerged in his stagnant pool. Sizzler picked up his head and inquired whether they are fellow prisoners, or a meal, or perhaps entertainment, or maybe he is to torment and execute them, or if they are his executioners. His first recourse was conversation as he was intensely bored. As it happens, he was persuaded into drawing from the Deck of Many Things and found that his fate was Balance. In a complete reversal of personality he turned away from the worship of Zehir, god of darkness, and turned to Pelor, god of light. Freed from his prison he now makes his home among Tiamat’s Teeth spreading the good news of his salvation.


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