Brahm's Shining Armor

The armor of Brahm the Shining, forged to combat Ghuladon herself.


Brahm’s Shining Armor is a suit of +4 Immunizing Stormscale armor with the following properties and powers:

Armor: Scale. Stormscale armor grants +9 to AC and +2 to Fortitude.
Enhancement: +4 AC.
Property: You automatically succeed on saving throws against ongoing poison damage.
Power (Encounter): Immediate reaction.
Trigger: You gain ongoing poison damage.
Effect: The ongoing poison damage ends as if you had succeeded on a saving throw against it.


This gleaming suit of armor is fashioned with draconic scales crafted from the same techniques used in ancient Arkhosia. Each scale is trimmed with a razor-thin edge of platinum and etched with the seal of Bahamut. The armor is padded with layers of silk and gauze infused with healing oils and lotions to clean and close wounds.

This armor was forged by Brahm the Shining specifically to combat Ghuladon herself and avenge his brothers. With it, the most potent powers of Zehir are rendered ineffective.

Brahm's Shining Armor

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