Cryopyre's Journal

Log of the Genasi archeologist Cryopyre.


This log details Cryopyre’s witnessing the obliteration of a Githzerai monastary, the mind flayers’ incursion into Diamond Peak, and the dominion of the Beholders of Ruby Peak. It also has notes on the forging of Mindiron into magical items to augment psionic ability, or ward against it.

August 12 1401:

The monastery of Ahk’lor’zun has fallen, and its firmament is even now unraveling at the edges. The eternal, infinite, and ever-changing mass of elements will reclaim it soon. Our new masters are truly the harbingers of chaos, perhaps rivaling the demons in power. Yet they have a strange measure of dominance over that which they destroy; as we put the dwellings and crafts to the torch, our masters bored into the brains of their ancient slaves and brought them back into their fold. To consume and command, and not merely to annihilate, is their mantra.
In the wake of this great conquest, I have pledged my mercenaries’ fealty to our new masters, if only they would teach us of their ways. After acquiring the great body of knowledge possessed by their new thralls, our masters have placed us in the service of two great Eyes, one of frost and one of flame. These two are to lead an expedition to a plane touched by the distant gods, and there to investigate a potential weapon discovered by the monks.

May 23 1405:

Our journey through the chaos was perilous, but it appears we have finally passed the threshold that divides our world from that of the gods. Our dread masters call this the Underdark, where many of their brethren have settled to prey upon the mortal living. In caverns of unchanging stone, we came upon the domain of a dragon, almost colorless and quite weak from hunger. After a brief struggle to establish dominance, it spoke to us of a great battle in time past, at the place where earth touches sky, and how its sire fell in battle to the frost giants and their servants. The wyrm claimed that even now the place was anathema to him.
It is decided this dragon, however pathetic, is of more value as an ally than a slave. Invigorated, our masters are seeking others within this Underdark to take to the surface and reach to the sky above.

March 17 1407:

The phoelarch have completed their excavations of the southern castle, and I have ordered them to proceed to the north. A great wealth of knowledge and treasure has been uncovered, both of the dragons that once ruled this mountain and the giants who over threw them. It will take many years to complete my studies of these ruins, but already there are clues to the location of Utterchar’s Tomb.
Our greatest discovery, however, is that the lava which flows unceasingly from the depths of the mountain has traces of ore with psychokinetic properties; in its liquid state, our masters were able to manipulate it as easily as clay upon a potter’s wheel. I will be personally overseeing the extraction and refining of this “mindiron,” and I am confident our new slaves, the Azer, will be up to the task.

August 4 1408:

The forging is almost complete, and the red beast should be considerably simpler to arm than the white one. While the wyrm’s domination required the channeling of psionic energies through the armor itself, the dragonspawn’s ignorant and docile nature make it naturally suited to the process. My new runescribed shackles, derived from those used on the dwarves, should require less maintenance no matter how much the beast struggles. The mephits are on rotation and should be keeping the armor secure, though they must be supervised at all times. Elemental spirits are always capricious, and I would hate to have to forge a dozen sets of tiny manacles.
With this task accomplished, I have been drafting plans for a Pain Vault to hold Utterchar’s treasures. The Eyes seemed quite pleased that it was to be made in their image, and are keen to learn the details of its operation. I will require more ore, however, and have tasked the dwarfkin with diverting the flow of lava and finding a new vein of mindiron.

Cryopyre's Journal

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