Deck of Many Things


The Deck of Many Things is a +5 magic tome implement with the following properties and powers.
Implement (Tome)
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +5d12 damage
Property: Sorcerers with the Chaos Power class feature can use the Deck as an implement for sorcerer powers and sorcerer paragon path powers.
Property: You cannot be dominated.

Utility Powers

Alter Fortunes ✦ Encounter
Immediate Interrupt Close burst 10
Trigger: An enemy makes an attack roll, skill check, or saving throw and you dislike the result.
Effect: The enemy rerolls the attack roll, skill check, or saving throw it made, taking the result you choose.

Glimpse of Fate ✦ Daily
Minor Action Close burst 5
Effect: Roll a d20. Once before the end of the encounter, as an immediate interrupt, you can replace any d20 roll made by an ally or an enemy within range with your d20 roll.

Draw from the Deck ✦ Daily
Standard Action Personal
Effect: Draw one card from the Deck of Many Things and resolve the effects, as determined by the DM. The Deck of Many Things then vanishes and is lost.


This ornate deck of 22 cards is a tool of the forces of chaos and anarchy. Like all artifacts, as well as having a long and intricate history, it is also self aware, with its own goals and ambitions. Daily powers granted by the artifact do not count against your normal limit of daily magic item powers.

Once someone has drawn from the Deck of Many Things it vanishes, never to be seen again by that person. It leaves behind only the fate chosen by the card that was drawn. The owner of the Deck may, with the Deck’s permission, cast fortunes upon persons of great power and influence.

Goals of The Deck of Many Things:

• Sow chaos and discord throughout the world.
• Be present at events of great importance, and then add a chaotic element to the proceedings of those events to alter the fortunes of all involved.
• Topple powerful leaders (good or evil) and cause far-spanning organizations to crumble.

Deck of Many Things

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