A ceremonial dagger of Zehir's dark rituals.

weapon (melee)

Disciple is a +4 Vampiric Dagger with the following properties and powers.

Weapon: Dagger, Simple one-handed off-hand light thrown or melee light blade.
Damage: 1d4
Proficient: +3
Range: 5/10
Weight: 1 lb.
Enhancement: +4 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +4d4 damage, and you regain hit points equal to the damage dealt by this weapon’s critical property.
Property: All damage dealt by this weapon is necrotic damage.
Power (Daily • Healing, Necrotic): Free Action. Use this power when you make a successful attack with the weapon. That attack deals an extra 2d8 necrotic damage, and you regain an equal amount of hit points.


Disciple is the master ceremonial dagger of Ghuladon’s cultists, of which all others are merely crude copies. Wielded by Ghuladon’s high priest, a yuan-ti vampire lord, Disciple has sacrificed scores of snaketongue cultists, empowering Ghuladon’s frail shell with yet more souls.

The weapon is thoroughly evil, its grip warm and pulsing with blood, and the black serpentine blade seeming to soak light into it. The dagger was claimed from the yuan-ti vampire lord in a suprise assault on Ghuladon’s most profane temple in the Shadowfell darklands.


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