Ghuladon's Blackened Heart

The undead heart of a green dragon still pulses with evil.


This matte platinum amulet has a green dragon’s black and shrunken heart embedded within it. Like most artifacts, the relic has a long and intricate history. It is also self aware, with its own goals and ambitions.

Ghuladon’s Blackened Heart: Artifact

Ghuladon’s Blackened Heart is an Amulet of Health +4 with the following properties and powers.
Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Property: Gain resist 10 poison.
Property: You can speak and understand the Draconic language, and can read and write the Iokharic script.
Property: The Heart’s powers and protective properties do not function in any way against Ghuladonkaranamis.

Attack Powers

Delusions of Loyalty (arcane, charm, implement) ✦ Daily
Standard Action
Target: One creature
Attack: Charisma vs. Will Ranged 10
Hit: On its next turn, the target uses its standard action to make a basic attack against the last creature to attack you since your last turn. If no creature attacked you since your last turn, or if the target is unable to attack, the target instead loses its standard action.
Sustain Minor: When you sustain this power, you can repeat the attack against the target. If you miss, you can no longer sustain the power.

Utility Powers

Draconic Resiliance ✦ Daily
Free Action Personal
You end all ongoing poison damage, and all charm or poison effects effective on you.


This matte platinum amulet has a green dragon’s black and shrunken heart embedded within it. Like most artifacts, the relic has a long and intricate history.

History DC 10: Artifacts are self-aware, and form an emphatic bond with its master. The Heart has its own objectives, and instills emotional states in its owner to communicate satisfaction or displeasure with its current state. If the owner of the Heart is concordant with the artifact’s own goals, it will increase in power; conversely, if the Heart is dissatisfied, its powers will wane. Artifacts also move on after a time, which may be weeks or months, sensing where they are needed and leaving behind some sort of reward or punishment for their former master.

History DC 15: The Heart was originally an ancient relic said to be crafted by Avandra herself, the Amulet of Passage. The artifact has passed through many hands and many worlds in its long history. It held many properties related to travel, including teleportation powers and command over portals. Due to its transitory nature, the Amulet never stays in one place for long.

History DC 20: The Amulet was used by Ilikan Brawn to unite the Races of Stone and bring them together in a great crusade to conquer the Tiamat’s Teeth mountain range and liberate it from the resident dragons. Once this goal was accomplished, the artifact’s power was dispersed and the Amulet became a nonmagical but nonetheless holy relic of Kord. The Amulet was kept in the subterranean reliquary on the Martyr’s Mount, while the gemstones that were originally set in the Amulet were removed and distributed to the titans given rule over the mountains.

History DC 25: A Kordite ritual enchanted these gemstones, called Dragonshards, to cause draconic creatures to feel an overpowering urge to abandon the area or item, shunning it and never willingly returning to it while the item is in place. It is known that a sufficiently powerful dragon could stay in the area or even touch one of the Dragonshards, but they would suffer in doing so. This distracting discomfort reduces the creature’s abilities and historically dragons have shunned the eastern Dragonspine Mountains for this reason.

History DC 30: During Ghuladon’s occupation of the Mount, she looted the relic and took it with her to the Boneyard where her mortal remains now rest. She has performed a dreadful ritual and bound her own heart to the Amulet in place of the gemstones; it now commands incredible powers linked to Ghuladon herself, and manifests some latent powers related to its former life.

Ghuladon's Blackened Heart

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