Plum's Purse of Fluid Funds

A bag that can appraise and convert art objects and loose change into more manageable forms.


This bag, crafted by Professor Plum to manage accounts in his shop in Mogg, has proven indispensible to the EDGE adventuring party.

Simply drop coins, gemstones, art objects, or other valuable items into the purse and draw the cord. The purse’s lip can magically extend up to accept objects up to four feet wide. After one minute, a quantity of coins appears in the purse equal to the value of the items deposited inside.

With this bag, you can exchange a number of silver coins for a smaller number of gold coins of equivalent value, exchange a gemstone for its worth in gold, or exchange an art object for coins. Magic items and mundane equipment are not affected. Note that the bag cannot distinguish between common items and items of great historical or sentimental value; e.g. a gold ring nominally worth 100gp may be worth much more to a nobleman if it was his great grandfather’s wedding ring.


Plum's Purse of Fluid Funds

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