Scourge of Baphomet

A demonic chainsaw entombed with a minotaur chieftan mummy in the labrynths below Sapphire Peak.

weapon (melee)

The Scourge of Baphomet is a +4 Flesh Grinder Broadsword with the following propeties and powers:

Weapon: Military one-handed versatile heavy blade; +2 proficiency bonus, 1d10 damage.
Enhancement: +4 to attack and damage rolls.
Critical: +4d10 damage.
Power (Daily): Free action. Trigger: You make an attack with this weapon that targets AC. Effect: The triggering attack targets Fortitude instead and deals 2d6 extra damage on a hit.


A horrific weapon created from nightmare, a Flesh Grinder is alive with malevolence, filled with an unspeakable thirst for blood and flesh. The Scorge of Baphomet has the general size and shape of a broadsword, but in place of a smooth cutting edge, it has a toothy row of jagged barbs. Old blood mixed with dark grease oozes from the barbs, and when the weapon is swung in battle, the serrated edge rocks back and forth to chw through flesh and bone, spewing noxious smoke into the air.

The Scourge of Baphomet was born in the bowels of the Abyss, fashioned by demonic hands and infused with all the hate, bile, and violence bubbling up from that dire realm. It was presented to the minotaur chieftan by the demon lord Baphomet in exchange for his tribe’s loyalty, and entombed with his mummified body deep in the labrynth below Sapphire Peak.

Scourge of Baphomet

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