Squamous Lump

A hideous lump of flesh scorned from the hoard of a half-dragon aberrant thing.


The Squamous Lump is a Gibbering Lump with the following properties and powers:

Item slot: Head
Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to Will.
Power (Encounter – Psychic): Immediate reaction.
Trigger: An enemy hits you with an attack that targets Will for the first time in an encounter.
Effect: The triggering enemy takes 2d12 psychic damage.


A floating mass of twisting flesh, this grotesque item continually reshapes itself, growing eyes and mouths and losing them just as quickly. A rambling stream of nonsense words spouts from its mouths; baleful stars issue from its eyes. These features give the item an appearance of life, but it lacks even the twisted intelligence of a gibbering beast.

Once an abolethic sovereign called Y’chak, a ritual gone awry in the Frozen Caldera of the Dragon Queen hideously mutated the creature into an insane half-dragon abomination, since slain by the EDGE. A tiny lump of flesh with an unsettling resemblance to its host creature was found squirming amongst the thing’s hoard, and Lutin Greenlode has adopted it as one of his ‘pets.’

Squamous Lump

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