Ugolin's Retreat

An iron ring from Formorian King Ugolin the Putrid, allowing instant travel to his fortress in the Feydark.


Ugolin’s Retreat is a Ring of Retreat with the following properties and powers.

Item Slot: Ring
Property: When you use a teleport power, you can increase the distance teleported by 1 square.
Power (Daily • Teleportation): Standard Action. You teleport to the heart of the Formorian fortress, in the caverns of the Feywild, on the analogue of Emerald Peak. For up to ten hours after, you can spend another standard action to teleport back to your original location.
You can reset the ring’s target location with the Enchant Magic Item ritual. The component cost to perform the ritual for this purpose is 32,500 gp.
If you’ve reached at least two milestones today, teleport yourself and up to 7 allies.


This thick iron ring is deeply enchanted with the power of the Feywild. For decades it was the property of King Ugolin the Putrid, a Formorian lord who would launch assaults on the Eladrin cities with a sizeable army. Ugolin never hesitated to lead the battle himself, and if the situation was dire, he activated this ring to instantly retreat to his hidden fortress deep within a mountain known in the natural world as Emerald Peak. Here he could rest, regain his strength, and return to the field of battle as unexpectedly as he left.

Ugolin formed a truce with Queen Stheno, the bone naga priestess of Ghuladon on Emerald Peak, agreeing to help her search for the Emerald Dragonshard in exchange for her divinations and augeries in battle. He marshaled his armies elsewhere, keeping only a few Cyclops retainers and robust defenses here at his palace. These proved ineffective against the EDGE, and the once mighty King Ugolin has since been stuffed into a box and delivered to the Myconids, his palace looted and his treasures divided.

Ugolin's Retreat

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