Breath of Zehir

Alive and sort-of-alive
Alive and sort-of-alive


Our group has split up. Not a very good idea; strength in numbers a much better idea. Gabby, Lutin, Sponge, a hideous troll, and me were cornered and forced to do battle. Luck us, dragon of death did not chase us. Big flying half dragon attack with snake woman riding it upon us. Hideous troll block off way of giant snake with weird eyes; he do good job of keeping him away. Ninja’s showed themselves as well, but they were easy to kill. Lutin make weird floating hands in the air to mess up half dragon and snake woman; funny when they hit each other. Also made snake woman go flying into the distance. He very strong for magic man.

Floating hand killed half dragon. Squeezed his neck to death, but half dragon still managed to shriek. Bad luck this time. Dragon of Death descend from the sky. We not ready for this fight, so Lutin and Gabby buy time for me to go and see if I can find other magic man, Berrian. Unsuccessful but Gabby and Lutin find out Dragon of Death still weak against magic shards. Dragon of Death fly away with curses, so we safe.

Regroup with others and we go try and find others. Find old battleground with big scary lizard with stubby arms and snakemen on floor. Lots of ash on floor, so fire must have been set to corpses. Stupid troll charge into the middle and try to hurt dead lizard. Big scary lizard wake up, even more scary now. Snakemen get up as well, some look like zombies. Rushed into battle and broke the leg of the giant scary lizard. Injured him badly, but he retaliate with throwing up on Gabby and Sponge; Sponge still picking off intestines. Lutin could not hit puny snakeman. It was funny watching him get angry.


Slithering Idols, Medusa's and Trolls...oh my!

To Whom It May Concern:

So here we are, walking along, minding our own business as we make our way up the mountain towards Ghouladon. I honestly don’t care how I spell her name because I intend to kill this unholy creature with the might of Pelor! Anyways, sorry to get off track. As I strode valiantly towards our enemy with my trusty sidekicks behind me we come upon a group protecting an idol glowing green. With my incredible intellect I can only guess that we must be heading to the Shadowfell through that passage. Before us stood a Yuantee, another ugly thing, and a Slithering idol of Zehir. The slithering idol is a dragon type creature with giant blades for wings. This was seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen until it started hissing at us. It was talking some nonsense about us not passing and that we would meet our doom before ever making it to the Shadowfell blah blah blah. I stopped listening after a while because I was already thinking of ways to protect my sidekicks and trying to look amazing while I did.

This battle went relatively smooth. Our new rogue Korgith or something is a great addition to the team. Very effective being all sneaky and stuff. Berrian is getting way to showy with that crazy deck of his, although I will admit that it is all pretty cool. I will never tell him that though. Vayastra helped us out big time with healing, always good to have a bard handy. I would have to say that the trickiest enemy was the medusa. We had a few close calls with almost being stoned again and I would have been very upset to be turned to stone again. Lux at some point did an amazing three flip somersault over the barrier where our enemies were. Very jealous that I can not wear leather armor.

Once we defeated the last creature, I received a new Sunblade weapon from the Slithering Idols wings. I must say, being even more radiant with awesome light is making me look very cool. Must keep a close eye on Vayastra, likes shiny things too much. Berrian figures out that the green obelisk will lead us to Ghouladan in the next dimension of the Shadowfell. We all teleport and we immediately turn up to see a Yuantee staring at us with an “oh shit” look on his face. (Oh how I love my job). WE all rush forward into battle and are immediately ambushed by the Yuantee and billions of ninjas. Ok not billions, maybe like 12. We all rush into battle and Lux is immediately surrounded by those ninjas. For a barbarian she kind of lauches herself into into battle, but she sure is strong. After killing the first ninja, we saw his soul sucked into the obelisk behind us and it glowed green. We realized that the obelisk was dominating our party and I was the main target most of the time. It makes sense since I am the most radiant. :) We defeated the ninjas and focused on the Yuantee. Wearing a symbol of Zehir from the ninjas prevented the obelisk from dominating us. All of my sidekicks wore them except for Berrian and myself. Berrian was protected from his magicy cards and i refused to wear that unholy symbol of my enemy. Berrian tried to throw me one twice and I refused both times. Oh the look on his face, it was almost worth getting dominated again. <3>s awesomeness,

Gabriella Lightsworn

Clones, Zombies, and Drakkoths

We defeated the Elder Brain! But more importantly, I met my clone. Anyway, after we defeated the brain it turned into “The Deck of Many Things” and found its way to our sorcerer. Whom then mostly had odd conversations with himself, or maybe it was with the brain in the cards, either way my new clone and myself re paying more attention to each other, discussing how to smash, what to smash, the fact that the party spent way to long not smashing something. Eventually we finally left, but heading towards the devil person trapped in a circle. Apparently the deck/brain wanted to read its fortune, which was so awesome! The first time didn’t go to well for him, he was turned into an idiot-literally. Then Mephasm(devil) had the brilliant idea of wanting to have another reading, which went even worse for him. A Nightwalker, four Sword Wraiths and a really big thing on fire appeared in hell and tore him to pieces. Zanne (my awesome clone) and I both wanted to jump in and help, more so because the battle looked glorious than wanting to help.

Once that bit was done and us barbarians were directed away from the battle that could have been more glorious, we teleported to our party’s friend Helios-some old blind dwarf, and their old party member Freya. Luckily when we arrived a horde of undead were shambling their way to Freya and Helios’ home. FINALLY, something the barbarians could tear into after so much talking. Which is exactly what we all did, half of us rushed into the horde hacking and exploding, while the rest used magics to explode them from afar. It was all over too soon, but over it was and then Zanne and I were subject to the agony of more discussions. Supposedly there was an issue about our-er, my soul being split in two. Something about when one of us dies and turning into a homicidal wraith, but Zanne and I were cool about it. Besides, apparently the blind dwarf made something to fix it.

So we left, but not before some heartfelt stuff between Tobias and Gabriella, Tobias was going to stay behind and help Helios and Freya move out of the danger zone. Berrian and Vayastra were also discussing something together, which left Zanne and myself staring at clouds while using our loyal mounts as pillows. After a really long time of not killing things we moved on without Tobias, but not before a half orc seeking out The Edge appeared. Apparently the evil forces my party is fighting killed his village or something. So he sought us out and asked to join, we read his fortune first which magically summoned a squire, then we were stuck with both of them. But the orc did pretty well in our next fight.

We head towards our foe until we reach a small enemy encampment, Vayastra casts a spell to make us all appear to be ghouls and we walk in. Within the camp are four Drakkoths and two shadow serpents. One approaches our party, yells at us to go forth and kill the living, but not them, the other living, then turns to head back. Gabby attacks from behind and we begin the great fight! It was a beautiful thing. We bled much but we made them bleed more! Sadly it ended and one Drakkoth got away, but there will be more killings in the morning after we have taken our short rest.


Diamond Peak, Pt. 2

This excerpt is from the journal of a Mr. Lutin Alowishus Greenlode

Dear Diary
Stardate 2.304.31
To whom it may concern,

Well things sure went south. Maybe coming to this here Diamond Peak wasn’t such a bad idea. I suppose to fill in the blanks you may be curious about, I should start with the fact that I died. For the first time. Didn’t like it. Need to remember to take notes next time. So did the others, though I ain’t too broken up, we’re gonna bring em back as soon as we hit town. But the High Priest has given me permission to team up with and assist these here adventurers I found. Buncha uneducated hicks as far as I can tell, ’cept maybe the Eladrins Eladri multiple Eladrin. Note to self: ask about Eladric plurality grammar rules. They seem like good honest folk, and they did bring me back from the dead without chargin me for it, so I might as well lend them my expertise on their quest to stop a megalomaniacal draconic demigod.

We killed them Illithids and found a little note in Illithese, which luckily my new friend Toby the warlord was able to translate out of crazy farspeak. Turns out if you sacrifice a buncha valuables to Tiamat by dropping em in lava, you could get her blessing. The risk weren’t worth it to me, but he decided he needed him some wings, and I ain’t one to tell a feller with a blade as wicked as his what to do impose upon his free will.

Continuin on, we found us a strange lookin barbarian woman all scared like. After using my incredible diplomatic skills that in no way resulted in me exploding, we got her to lead us deep into the mountain, where we found a portal that took us into a strange and alien mansion in the far realm. Bein as we be unable to see the true far realm without gettin nuttier than a squirrel with elephantiasis, we all perceived the architecture as similar to our respective home towns. After findin weird stuff and gettin lost and also seeing into the astral sea, includin seein Bahamut himself and seein an ancient gray dragon workin with aforementioned megalomaniacal draconic demigod, we found us a few things of interest: One, a devil and a demon, sealed in summoning circles. The demon in particular, we ended up freein in no way made any deals with or released in a moment of weakness. Two, we found dead copies of ourselves and figured out that the barbarian was a copy of another one of our adventurin party. And most importantly; I got copies of all of my internal organs. And an extra eye. Because why not.

Making our way to the Elder Brain who controlled this realm, we were forced to challenge him to a bit of a battle of wits to prove ourselves enternainin so as he would give us the dragonshard. Bandin together Usin my vast and impressive intellect, we I showed ourselves myself to be pretty damn awesome, and in return he not only gave us the dragonshard, but requested we take his intellect along with us in the form of none other than the infamous Deck o’ Many Things.

All in all, an excitin time. Mebbe after this here rest we’ll return to town, revive my friends, get a drink, and save the world. All in a days work as they say.

Love Sincerely,
Lutin Alowishus Greenlode

Diamond Peak, Pt. 1

Ascending Diamond Peak in the midst of a blizzard proved to be extremely dangerous, with Gabriella almost dying of hypothermia, and avalanches and winter wolves threatening our heroes. Uncovering the ruins of the ancient shrine to Tiamat, the Palace of Burning Ice, they find it infested with Mind Flayers and their aberrant creations…

Emerald-Diamond Interlude

Upon return to Herriot’s farm before launching their next assault, the party has learned the following:

• Robbie Herriot is in town on business, but Helios and Freya are keeping watch. Helios’ canary has been acting excited recently and he’s been forced to let it out in the mornings.
• The Roc egg is incubating and slight movements are felt. It should be hatching in just a few weeks. Freya has offered to keep and train it to be comfortable around people, and to accept riders.
• The blue dragon Balnar has taken up residence at his ancestral home Sapphire Peak, now that the Dragonshard warding has gone.
• The city of Orspring seems to have increased its population by about 20% overnight, the city much more busy than usual. Strangely, there has been no increase in caravan traffic into the city.
• Professor Plum has vanished, citing ‘a once in a lifetime opportunity’, leaving Meepo in charge of the Hell’s Gate Inn.
• Brahm the Shining has finally recovered from his coma and is on his way to Diamond Peak. He sends the message that he will rendezvous with the players there.

Emerald Peak, Pt 2

The waterfall veil at the top of Emerald Peak was a passage to the Feywild and a glowing underground cavern filled with innocent mushroom folk and brutal cyclops. The myconid sovereign negotiated a deal with the party: slay the Formorian King, Ugolin, and he would reveal the location of the Emerald Dragonshard. The EDGE valiantly charged through caverns filled with deadly fey and underdark hazards before storming the iron gates and conquering the caverns. The myconids made good on their bargain and led the players to the cavern of a vicious purple worm, in whose gullet they finally retrieved the Dragonshard.

Emerald Peak, Pt 1

During the ascent of Emerald Peak, the party was ambushed by medusas on Wyvern mounts and incapacitated. A rescue party of Freya, Helios, Meepo, and (someone who wasn’t at the previous session, I don’t remember who) saved them before they could be carted off to the Slithering Idol, an angel of Zehir with a mysterious purpose. The party tracked the yuan-ti and drakkoths to their cliffside lair and defeated the bone naga Queen Stheno, disciple of Ghuladon.

Almost There

The next part of the adventure kept the party moving throughout the ruby peak compound. Coming across a long bridge over a lake of lava, the party continued forward to find a door that was password protected. Attempting to guess the password, the door swung open to permit entrance only to reveal a deadly trap. After disarming it, twice, the party continued on down the hallways and came across the massive vault that housed the many riches of the dragon before as well as another dragon shard. The vault door was tricky and also needed disarming but the group finally found their way heading back through the compound. Back on the bridge, they were attacked by fire and ice beholders as well as a steam elemental (sorry I forgot their real name, just that they were fire and ice).

Attempting to escape, Jett found himself separated from the party and thrown from the bridge. As a last ditch effort, he tossed the contents of his bag to the party’s newest Paladin ally, Gabriella Lightsworn. The party was able to get through the next door with the same difficulty as the previous. The steam elementals were far less fortunate and the trap took their lives. Upon leaving the compound, the beholders caught up with the party and attacked. After dispatching them, the party continued down the mountain to find the same fire primordial as before. He parted with a simple ring from his finger and allowed the party to continue on.

On the next mountain, the group faced two Roc’s which were furiously protecting their eggs, known to be worth a small fortune. After killing the birds, an egg was crushed in a struggle between Berrian and Bardryn. Two were left and claimed for the rest of the party. It was at this turning point that the party felt Bardrin was too violent to be trusted and left him behind. Continuing up the mountain, the group came across an abandoned ruin with markings in an old language. Upon reading it, they were attacked by the minions of the Baphomet’s cult. After defeating them, the party continued down into an uncovered maze which tested their skill and knowledge in four differently trapped rooms.

After getting through each and deftly navigating the maze, the party came across the tomb of an ancient evil and his wives. It came at a great difficulty but Tobias Young was able to get a fine chainsaw sword from the encounter. After leaving, pending a giant cave in, the party continued up the mountain again. This time, they came across very powerful people of a lake that laid just under the peak of the mountain. After much convincing, they agreed to help the party venture up and continue their fight with the giants of the mountain as well as a dragon that served as the dragon’s mount. The fourth dragon shard was found in the scepter of the giant and a fight ensued after trying to remove it. After killing all remaining enemies, the party found a hidden room with a very valuable chest. However, upon entering, the denizens of the room were woken and went into battle. They were defeated with some difficulty but the reward was well worth it. The party now continues it journey to the final peak and one step closer to the defeat of Ghuladonkaranamis.

Onyx Peak

The party finished its trek up the Onyx peak only to find a tainted Fel God. Despite the power and ferocity that it was said to possess, the party had little trouble killing it with tactics that constantly kept it off balance and vunerable to attack. After it was dispatched, the team found a ruined giant’s gravesite. What little was left of it was easily removed to give way to a fully outfitted royal giant with plenty of riches to go around including one of the five dragon shards. With powers that would most benefit a sorceror and none around, the party journeyed back down the mountain. Coming across the Morass’s last known location, all that was found were three potions left as thanks for the parties deeds. Upon further descent, Freya described her interest in staying with Robbie Herriot to help him tend to his animals. She left two spirit companions to aid in the ascent of the next mountain and parted ways.

The party found the ruby peak to be even more treacherous than the first. Smoke and gas filled their lungs to the point where it made it difficult to climb for some. Despite this, they treked on only to run into a primordial speaking elemental. The party was ready to face his group as they had run into them in the dead of night but Jett was able to convince the elemental that they were there for same reason. Offering the party as unwilling sacrifices, the two groups parted ways on the knowledge that there were two beholders at the top along with an intense power. Making their way farther up the mountain, the group ran into a compound that seemed like an outpost against any further travel up. After dispatching of the many minions, the group stayed in the barracks to rest up and now continues to head further into the building.


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