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  • Moonsea:
  • Thar, a swampy wasteland of orcs and ogres
  • City of Erathis Watch, beacon of civilization in the wilderness
  • Village of Mogg, a miserable collection of hovels
  • The Martyr’s Mount, an ancient cathedral of powerful magic
  • Town of Orspring, a deceptively peaceful dictatorship


  • Aranis the Shadar-kai Avenger (Matt)
  • Adilisia the Elven Ranger (Harold)
  • Tobias the Human Warlord (Andrew)
  • Freya the Elven Shaman (Becky)
  • Jett the Genasi Swordmage (Andrew)
  • Gabriel the Human Paladin (Andrew)
  • Bardryn the Dwarven Barbarian (Graham)
  • Bamwin the Half-Elf Bard (Adam)
  • Baiden the Shadar-Kai Invoker (Daniel)


† Known Deceased ‡ Whereabouts Unknown

Allies of Erathis Watch

  • ‡ Elstran the Human Wizard (Rodger)
  • ‡ Tritiny the Human Paladin (Sal)
  • ‡ Taisimo the Half-Elf Paladin (Chris)
  • ‡ Matise the Razorclaw Shifter Druid (James)
  • ‡ Iakob the Shadar-Kai Avenger (Peter)
  • ‡ Cynder the Dragonborn Warlord (James)
  • ‡ Noalis the Deva Cleric (Noah)
  • ‡ Mori the Halfling Rogue
  • ‡ Lazarus the Eladrin Wizard
  • ‡ Daven the Deva Avenger



Erathis Watch:

  • Virgiliantus the Adamantine Dragon
  • Content Not Found: 64569, one of the Brothers of Bahamut
  • Content Not Found: 64571, one of the Brothers of Bahamut
  • Content Not Found: 64572, one of the Brothers of Bahamut
  • Content Not Found: 64573, one of the Brothers of Bahamut

Martyr’s Mount:

  • Content Not Found: 64578, founder of the Martyr’s Mount
  • Content Not Found: 64579, leader of the Giants’ Crusade
  • Content Not Found: 64580, founder of Mogg and tamer of Thar
  • Rhogan Barefoot, last Kordite abbot of the Mount



Lawful Good Deities:

Icon bahamutBahamut, god of honor

Icon moradinMoradin, god of creation

Good deities:

Icon avandraAvandra, goddess of freedom

Icon pelorPelor, god of the sun

Icon seluneSelûne, goddess of the moon

Unaligned deities:

Icon corellonCorellon, god of the fey

Icon erathisErathis, goddess of civilization

Icon iounIoun, goddess of knowledge

Icon ravenThe Raven Queen, goddess of death

Icon kordKord, god of strength

Icon silvanusSilvanus, god of nature

Evil deities:

Icon asmodeusAsmodeus, god of tyranny

Icon baneBane, god of war

Icon tiamatTiamat, goddess of greed

Icon vecnaVecna, god of secrets

Icon zehirZehir, god of poison

Chaotic evil deities:

Icon gruumshGruumsh, god of destruction

Icon lolthLolth, goddess of lies

Icon torogTorog, god of the deep

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