Martyr's Mount

The Martyr’s Mount is an abbey to Kord, the god of strength, founded over 700 years ago by the goliath Tobias Koth. Legend has it that Koth was directed by a divine command to build a temple where all the Races of Stone (gnomes, dwarves, and giants of all kinds) could unite in worship. A crusade led by abbot Ilikan Brawn in 1099 led to the giants overthrowing the dragons of the nearby Tiamat’s Teeth mountain range, and warding them from draconic residence to this very day.

The Martyr's Mount

The first abbey on the site has since been buried by the generations of buildings piled ever-higher on the mountain, the end result being a labrynth of crypts, chapels, and catacombs underground. A small civilian village cropped up at the base of the mount, providing services to the thousands of Kordite pilgrims flocking to the holy site.

Sometime in the last century, the mount was beset upon by the reptilian tribes of the Moonwatch Hills (kruthiks, quabbles, lizardfolk, and troglodytes) and closed its doors. Later, it was temporarily used as a prison and asylum by a sect of the church of Pelor. It is now known to be the source of the undead armies laying siege to Mogg.

Chronology of the Mount

Martyr's Mount

  • 612 City of Erathis Watch founded.
  • 704 Tobias Koth has vision of the Mount falling from the sky.
  • 708 Koth builds the first shrine to Kord on the mount.
  • 910 Brotherhood of Bahamut founded.
  • 992 The shrine burns down.
  • 1023 Construction begins on the abbey, what is now the old subterranean church.
  • 1060 Town of Orspring founded.
  • 1099 Ilikan Brawn’s Giant Crusade begins.
  • 1114 The Crusaders slay the last of the dragons and conquer Tiamat’s Teeth.
  • 1138 Lightning causes the abbey to burn down a second time.
  • 1158 The Brotherhood of Bahamut makes a pilgrimage to the Mount.
  • 1204 Vandor Mogg founds the village that bears his name, to serve and protect travelers through the hills.
  • 1228 Construction of the Great Facade is completed.
  • 1346 Town population peaks at 1200.
  • 1360 Ghuladonkaranamis appears to Thrasher Souldrinker and promises his tribe power.
  • 1363 Troglodyte tribes savagely attack pilgrims en route to the mount.
  • 1364 Abbot Rhogan Barefoot is driven insane by Ghuladon. The abbey closes.
  • 1370 Abbey is rededicated to Pelor and used as an asylum by Helios the Gold.
  • 1393 Ghuladon appears to Blackscale Souldrinker and promises his tribe power.
  • 1394 Lizardfolk lay siege. Disease ravages the asylum, and the Mount is abandoned.
  • 1406 Professor Plum moves to Mogg.
  • 1408 Undead legions start attacks on Mogg. Attacks launched from Mogg are ineffective.
  • 1409 Brotherhood sets out from Erathis Watch to the Mount, and disappears.
  • 1410 Present year.

Martyr's Mount

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