A dismal, stinking, muddy, rotting hovel of a town, Mogg lies at the edge of the Thar wetlands and is the closest settlement to the Martyr’s Mount. Not much more than a cluster of buildings surrounded by a wooden palisade, it is a few hours travel between the city of Erathis Watch and the town of Orspring.

Mogg, on a sunny day

  • Population: 370
  • Government: Technically under the jurisdiction of the Mount’s abbot, though this has not been enforced since the madness of its last Kordite abbot, Rhogan Barefoot. In practice the village sheriff Roger the Fletcher adjudicates disputes and collects taxes.
  • Defense: The village relies on a citizen militia.
  • Commerce: Mundane supplies and minor magical trinkets are available at Professor Plum’s inn, The Prune. Other goods may be available from traveling merchants.
  • Organizations: Former temple to Kord, now in ruin.


The village of Mogg grew rapidly after its founding in 1208 by Vandor Mogg, then abbot of the Mount. Since the fall of the abbey Mogg has deteriorated, its outer farmlands reclaimed by the swamp, and the village’s population has dwindled to less than half of what it was at its peak. Mogg is now home only to the stubborn, the desperate, and the transient.

Map Key

The keyed locations on the map indicate various points of interest in the village.


  1. Palisade Gate: The main northern entrance through the crude wooden palisade is on the road that leads from Orspring to Erathis Watch. The eastern gate crosses the creek that runs past the village.
  2. Bone Heap: The butcher’s building is adjacent to a massive pile of bones, the remains of the destroyed undead that attack the village.
  3. Village Square: The driest part of the town, the square sees multiple uses including a training ground for the militia and an open air marketplace.
  4. Ruined Chapel: These foundations are all that is left of the small chapel of Kord. Once the abbey fell, the local Kordite priest left along with the rest of the monks, and the chapel was abandoned. As it fell into disrepair a fire leveled the structure, and it has since been quarried for its stone.
  5. The Prune: The only inn for miles around, Professor Plum has sufficient trade in magical trinkets to make his stay here profitable.
  6. Guardhouse: Home to both the Sheriff’s personal lodgings, offices, assembly hall, and armory, the Guardhouse is the village’s all-purpose civic building.


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