Regional Map

The Moonsea proper is a deep natural lake, surrounded by a fragmented patchwork of lands and city-states ruled by despots, humanoids, and savages. The area is infamous for its bleak landscapes, harsh winters, ravaging dragons, cutthroat pirates, and rapacious tyrants.

Commerce exists between hard, heartless city-states such as Hillsfar and Mulmaster, with Erathis Watch as the rare bright spot in this land of darkness. Only the strong survive, however: Trading costers and merchant houses compete with knife, fire, and poison.

Many notorious ruins lie in this region, including Zhentil Keep, the Citadel of the Raven, and the Martyr’s Mount. Tombs, buried catacombs, and monster lairs also abound in the Moonsea hinterlands, drawing adventurers from every corner of the world.


Breath of Zehir Galemp