Tiamat's Teeth

At the eastern end of the Dragonspine Mountains, a range of five jagged peaks rise above the surrounding meadows and forests. Known as Tiamat’s Teeth, each mountain has traditionally been the home of a family of powerful chromatic dragons, which in centuries past terrorized the western Moonsea.

Tiamat's Teeth


The dragons of Tiamat’s Teeth were typical of their kind, proud and vain, waging wars over territory with their neighbors. The chromatic families would wax and wane, sometimes the Blues gaining the advantage, sometimes the Reds, with plots and intrigue that lasted centuries, a great game of war and diplomacy. The dragons pitted their subjects against each other like so many tokens on a board, orchestrating the bloody fates of dozens of city-states. They amassed great wealth and founded draconic dynasties which spread all over the region.

It was not until the year 1099 (Dale Reckoning) that the dragons’ grip on the Moonsea was loosened. Ilikan Brawn, abbot of the Martyr’s Mount, began a crusade against the dragons in the name of Kord, god of strength. With incredible charisma, force of will, and determination, he convinced clans of giants and dwarves to put aside their ancient enmity and unite under Kord, to drive their mutual enemies from the mountains.

Over more than a decade, the great crusade was successful. With the dragons’ stubborn independence, great armies vanquished them from one peak after another, until finally the last of the dragons was slain. Their hoards looted and massive wealth now in the hands of the church of Kord, the Martyr’s Mount grew to a massive pilgrimage site and an architectural marvel. Most of the giants returned to their homes, but a few remained to build strongholds and live out the rest of their lives as kings.

These five Titans (Rumdum, Utterchar, Skyquake, Ort, and Uberjarl) were entrusted with mystical artifacts, the Dragonshards, blessed with Kord’s favor to be antipathetic to dragonkind. These artifacts were made part of their royal regalia, and when the titans died they were interred with their remains. Thus, even now, the mountains once ruled by dragons remain completely barren of them.

Onyx Peak

Lying in the shadow of the adjacent Ruby Peak, Onyx Peak receives little sunlight and appears constantly shrouded in darkness. Volcanic, like its neighbor, Onyx Peak is inactive and its caldera had filled with water. The Hill Giants and Ettins conquered the mountain by digging tunnels that drained the caldera, leaving the black dragon Hauntelenash without the safety of his bog.

Ruby Peak

Among the tallest of the mountains, Ruby Peak is a moderately active volcano with a vast tunnel system created by streams of lava breaking through the mountain. There are subterranean rivers of magma and ashen fields near the peak, with a great lava pool at the summit that gives the sky around the mountain a red glow. The Azer, led by the Fire Giants, defeated the Red Dragon Fernastroshakarak in an epic battle, with flame against flame and iron against scale.

Sapphire Peak

Windswept and barren, the sky above Sapphire Peak is always cloudless and blue. Rocky caves and outcroppings abound, perfect perches for aerial combatants. Once the great blue dragon Ulharatorrimarr called this peak home, but Storm Giants and ogres on flying mounts drove off the mighty creature.

Emerald Peak

Shorter than the other mountains in the range, Emerald Peak lies entirely below the treeline and is heavily forested, with evergreens and underbrush. From a distance, the mountain is cloaked in verdant foliage. During the Giant Crusades, the Galeb Duhr and Stone Giants defeated Ghuladonkaranamis and her retinue with hails of stone, leveling huge areas of forest.

Diamond Peak

Diamond Peak is imposing and unforgiving. Capped with snow and ice and swept with biting wind, harsh environmental conditions including sleet, hail, and even avalanches threaten mountaineers. The eternal gray sky, white snow and jagged cliffs have given the mountain its name. White dragons had long made the mountain their home, at least until the Ice Trolls and Frost Giants drove them from it.

Tiamat's Teeth

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