Breath of Zehir


The adventure isn't over, but it is ending.


I think the time has come to wrap up this campaign and move on. Julian, Andrew, and Becky have gone their separate ways, and our other players are spread far and wide. D&D 5th Edition has officially launched, and it’s been ten months since we last played. 4e is retired and our campaign with it.

I’ve ended my DDI subscription and, if you haven’t already, you probably should too. There’s no new 4e material and it’s been moved to Wizards’ “archive” website. So, grab your custom characters and monsters before it goes offline for good.

So this is the end of the game, but not the end of the story. I’ve had the epic level campaign arc plotted out for years and it’s still a story I’d like to tell. So, for every week, I’ll make a blog post here running over a hypothetical game session with all the story developments. I hope we can all get some closure this way and wrap things up neatly—without four-hour combat encounters.

I would like to get together Labor Day (September 1st) for one last fling. Becky has her adventure set up and it would be nice to have one last session. I hope this is enough advance notice, as it’s the last time we’ll be getting together for Breath of Zehir.

If you can’t make it I’ll understand. We all came together five years ago as I first came to California, and I’ll be proud to have you all by my side at my wedding. You’ve all been great friends and good gamer companions. I’m not sad that it’s over; I’m happy that it’s happened. Thanks everyone, and I’ll see you soon.




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