Breath of Zehir

Onyx Peak

The party finished its trek up the Onyx peak only to find a tainted Fel God. Despite the power and ferocity that it was said to possess, the party had little trouble killing it with tactics that constantly kept it off balance and vunerable to attack. After it was dispatched, the team found a ruined giant’s gravesite. What little was left of it was easily removed to give way to a fully outfitted royal giant with plenty of riches to go around including one of the five dragon shards. With powers that would most benefit a sorceror and none around, the party journeyed back down the mountain. Coming across the Morass’s last known location, all that was found were three potions left as thanks for the parties deeds. Upon further descent, Freya described her interest in staying with Robbie Herriot to help him tend to his animals. She left two spirit companions to aid in the ascent of the next mountain and parted ways.

The party found the ruby peak to be even more treacherous than the first. Smoke and gas filled their lungs to the point where it made it difficult to climb for some. Despite this, they treked on only to run into a primordial speaking elemental. The party was ready to face his group as they had run into them in the dead of night but Jett was able to convince the elemental that they were there for same reason. Offering the party as unwilling sacrifices, the two groups parted ways on the knowledge that there were two beholders at the top along with an intense power. Making their way farther up the mountain, the group ran into a compound that seemed like an outpost against any further travel up. After dispatching of the many minions, the group stayed in the barracks to rest up and now continues to head further into the building.



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