Brahm the Shining

Leader of the Brothers of Bahamut.


Once a proud cleric of Bahamut, god of justice, Brahm can trace his family lineage back to the adamantine dragon Virgil. This honored heritage has granted him a boon not seen in many Dragonborn, a full pair of wings. His matte silver scales blend seamlessly with his scale armor as he proudly leads his brothers into battle against the forces of evil.


Brahm was more patient and reserved than the others of his order, preferring to observe events quietly and then speak only in small groups to trusted friends. In Erathis Watch, Brahm was the ceremonial head of the church of Bahamut. When adventuring he wields a quarterstaff to augment his healing powers, and assists his brethren with divine magic.

Brahm led the Brothers of Bahamut to the Martyr’s Mount when they heard of the sacking of the sanctuary by the lizardfolk, but they were unaware of the power of Ghuladon. When facing the green mist with his two remaining brothers, Ian and Sterling, he offered himself as a sacrifice if she would allow them to go. Ghuladon gleefully took control of his body, then slaughtered and reanimated the others anyway.

When the EDGE exorcised Ghuladon from his body, he fell into a deathlike coma. After her exile into the Shadowfell by the dragons Aurius and Balnar, Brahm awoke, armed himself, and pledged to meet the party on Diamond Peak to claim the last dragonshard. The cleric was in over his head, unfortunately, and was devoured by a mimic in that forsaken place. The mimic was slain and Brahm mourned by the EDGE, and Gabriella now dons his splendid armor in memorium.

Brahm the Shining

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