Stavros Twotalon

Dragonborn pirate, seneschal of the blue dragon Balnaratorrimar.


Captain of the Blue Moon, this brown-and-white tinted Dragonborn ranger is lean and muscular, wearing a piecemeal suit of leather armor. A long white scar hints at the paralysis of the right side of his face, resulting in one glass eye made of amber, and an unnerving lopsidedness to his facial expressions, particularly his grin of dozens of needle-like teeth. He sports an impressive array of hoop earrings on his ear frills. Stavros’ armor is highly customized, and includes a pair of vambracers with sword-breaking gutters and retractable claws, knife boots, a bandolier of shuriken, and poisoned needles in the shoulder, elbows, and knees. He is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, with a piercing glare, and a commanding aura.

Captain Twotalon, while claiming to be a reputable merchant, is in fact a scavenger. Secretly serving the blue dragon Balnaratorrimarr, he picks up the spoils left by his master’s raids and when possible pick off stragglers or survivors. So far the scheme has worked well, with none aware of Stavros’ involvement in Balnar’s raids. His crew generally lives in fear of the dragon and obeys Twotalon unquestioningly.

Twotalon’s ship, the Blue Moon, is a caravel, a ship slightly larger than a standard pinnace fully capable of sailing near the shore or in the deep sea. The Blue Moon was a gift from Balnar looted from the infamous were-rat goblin pirate Naki.

Stavros Twotalon

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