Helios the Gold

Priest of Pelor, and former abbot of the Martyr's Mount asylum.


Helios is blind, and lives with Robbie Herriot on his farm outside of Orspring. He is very old and significantly weakened by Ghuladon’s attack on his asylum. He fled from the Martyr’s Mount after a warning from an old man, but somehow Ghuladon knew where he was and waged war on the town and its outlying villages in an effort to draw him out. He owns a single canary given to him many years ago by the pilgrim to the mount, which he keeps in his home.

After Ghuladon devastated the party, he resurrected them, again according to the prophecy given by the pilgrim. On that fateful night, he says he was searching for his escaped canary when he found the dead and the dying heroes, and took them back to his farm and nursed them back to health.

Helios the Gold

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