A devil in humanoid form, trapped in a summoning circle.


Eladrin at first glance, this handsome man’s calm, nonchalant demeanor and perfect posture are more celestial than sylvan. Whatever angelic exterior this man wears, it starkly contrasts his reptilian eyes which send chills down your spine when they meet your gaze.

Mephasm is a devil summoned to the Far Realm by the Elder Brain in the company of Ba’albisan, whom he holds in utter contempt. He convinced the EDGE to release the demon, in exchange for unspecified favors in the future.

Unfortunately the EDGE will never have the opportunity to redeem these favors, as shortly after acquiring the Deck of Many Things, its first reading was performed on the archdevil. The reading of the Idiot, the Fool, and the Skull quickly brought about the pit fiend’s demise.



Breath of Zehir Galemp