Breath of Zehir

Breathless: Moving on

The end of one world and the beginning of another.

That was the last that anyone heard from Ghuladon. Whether the EDGE succeeded, or failed, none can say, for their fates have passed into legend. Our heroes’ exploits have become the myths of the next generation, and they have left their mark upon that world.

What’s certain is that Tiamat is dead. And yet, she and Bahamut are two halves of the same whole, cleft from the dragon god Io at the dawn of time. Perhaps a vestige of Tiamat survives, a mere shade of her former self, chained to the Nine Hells as part of an ancient pact. Tiamat’s ancient lair on the layer of Avernus could still hold a portion of her hoard, and perhaps a means of returning her to glory. To be sure, her remaining cults in the world will seek a way to free a dead god.

In the mean time, the chromatic dragons have found different gods to serve. Zehir has secured the loyalty of the black and green dragons, of course. The blue dragons now tolerate Kord, god of storms, as their new patron. Red dragons, the most vain and prideful of all, now serve no master or make arrangements of convenience. Some, including the ancient wyrms Ashardalon and Flame, are seeking their own paths to godhood. Finally, the white dragons pledged themselves to The Raven Queen, goddess of winter… but her own fate is in question. To keep the portfolio of Death out of the hands of the demon prince Orcus, she had no choice but to surrender it to another god—Vecna. But having one deity control both death and undeath could have dark consequences.

In this new world, Vayastra eternally wanders the planes, for purposes and pursuits that are hers alone to know. She has inspired a group of nomads to follow in her path, in a pilgrimage that takes them to all corners of the world. They call themselves Vistani, and draw upon the magic of Vayastra for travel and insight.

Berrian, losing control over the elemental prince raging within, has voluntarily sequestered himself in the prison plane of Carceri, to protect the mortal worlds from himself. His prison is eternally guarded by the angel Gabriella, his true and loyal friend.

Adilisia, by contrast, goes rogue as a mercenary, gaining a reputation as a lethal assassin and big-game hunter. She can be found frequenting the Styx Oarsman as a killer for hire.

Ko’Gash continues to grow his demiplane in orbit around Mount Celestia, seeking to reestablish his bloodline. Eventually he becomes patron demigod of good orcs and half-orcs. The three barbarians Lux, Zanne, and Skye all take their places as exalted and enjoy nothing more than hacking down the occasional incursion of demons. Balnar grows wiser and more patient, becoming ambassador of Kord to the blue dragons of the world.

Bamwin rejoins his family in the Feywild, taking his place in the Eladrin courts and living a full life as a noble hero. He has a particular fondness for adventurers, and is a patron to many warlocks. On a darker path, Bardryn also becomes a warlock patron. He now rules as a Duke of the Nine Hells, lord of Dis and prince among devils.

Toby Junior takes the role of orc chieftain seriously and becomes a great leader. He returns to the ruins of Erathis Watch with a unique vision: building an orc city. Bringing the discipline of Bane to the tribes is not easy, however, and he is sadly forced to kill his only remaining family member in a challenge for authority. His uncle Buran, an unrepentant shaman of Gruumsh, had inspired several clans to splinter off, driven by their own savagery back into the wasteland of Thar.

The city of New Goldrun has been devastated by Malifaxaghast and all but abandoned. The survivors do what they can to rebuild, unaware of the deep horrors lurking in the forgotten dungeons under the White Tower. In time, the Deck of Many Things will grow restless, and seek a new owner.

As for Professor Plum, well. He’s had quite enough adventuring for now; a close brush with death has left him more than a little shaken. It’s time to pack up his things and move on to the next world, and see how things have changed. There’s new characters to meet and new lands to discover, after all. Plum always knows how to make the most out of his situation, and he knows of one legendary artifact that needs an arm stump… but that’s a tale for another time.

Thank you all for playing. It’s been a true pleasure sharing these stories with you, and you will never be forgotten. We’ll see you at the wedding, and I hope you always find adventure in your own way.



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Breathless: Moving on

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